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Firstpost is thrilled to introduce Shining Path, an audience member who will begin blogging for us on a regular basis. In his own words: "Shiningpath had enough! 6451 days of debilitating non-work in corporate corridors, cubicles and windowless cabins. Chained to protocols, bound by hierarchies and surrounded by people with core competencies. So he hit the self-eject button, and found himself a nice hammock – from where he now watches the world , reads, attempts to write , gives a comment here, a commentary there...unsolicited mainly….and moonlights as a freelance business consultant in Bangalore.

Mar 20, 2013

It is time to fix India’s criminal justice system

A deep-dive into the sanctioned strength, vacancies, disposal rates and pendency reveals an eerily similar bottle-necking across all courts. #HowThisWorks #Judiciary in India

Feb 20, 2013

92nd in the global Freedom Index ratings, how ‘free’ are Indians really?

What is deeply troubling is the fact that there has been a consistent slide in rankings over the past few years. #Freedom #Government #Homosexuality #India #OnOurMind

Feb 6, 2013

Where the two PILs targeting political parties have reached

This write-up will focus on 2 such cases that could have far-reaching implications on the quality of politics as well as politicians. #BJP #Congress #Election Commission of India #Ministry of Home Affairs #OnOurMind #Political parties #Representation of People Act

Feb 1, 2013

Will Justice JS Verma join the junkyard of forgotten committees?

A look at various committes that have probed issues ranging from police reforms to political reforms. #Justice JS Verma #OnOurMind #Police Reforms #Political reforms

Jan 14, 2013

Electoral reforms and India: Two PILs that you should keep your eye on

These two PILs could have far-reaching implications on the quality of politics as well as politicians in India. #Crime #Electoral reforms #PILs #Representation of the People Act #ThingsWeLike

Dec 29, 2012

Notes from hell: Ah, such deceit and chicanery…

Will we really do something now that the Braveheart is dead, or will the nobler feelings prove transient before we move on to something else? #death of gangrape victim #Delhi gangrape #DelhiGangrape #post mortem

Dec 23, 2012

The dark, other side of Delhi rape: Lawbreakers as elected lawmakers

Revealing about how jurisprudence is sometimes the closet that hides political skeletons. #Delhi rape case #Meira Kumar #Sheila Dikshit #ThatsJustWrong

Dec 4, 2012

Usual Suspects headed for Gujarat Assembly!

In a recently released report by Gujarat Election Watch, which has analyzed the affidavits of 482 out of the 846 candidates who are contesting first phase of Gujarat Elections, the facts that jump out are irrefutably monstrous. #Gujarat Elections 2012 #PoliticalPlay #Vasava Chhotubhai Amarsinh

Nov 10, 2012

Rahul Gandhi: PM-in-waiting despite all this?

Given his sketchy record in Indian politics, should Rahul Gandhi be heralded as the next head of the Congress and PM in waiting? #Congress #India #MPLAD #OnOurMind #Rahul Gandhi

Nov 8, 2012

Rahul Gandhi and Kargil: Where are the critical media?

Did the media let off Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi too easy over his comments linking FDI in the retail sector to the Kargil conflict? #FDI #Kargil #Media #MediaCrit #Rahul Gandhi