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Shashreek Roy

Shashreek Roy

A writer during the day and a sports fanatic by night. Interests include cricket, football, tennis, poker, beer and a little more beer. Values an unbiased opinion and tries to put forth a realistic picture, while sober. Twitter handle: @shashreek Blog Shashreek blogs at

Dec 6, 2012

Forget Sachin, India needs to find the next Zaheer

The real reason for worry is not just that Zaheer means a lot to the Indian pace bowling department, but that he “is” the pace bowling department

Aug 2, 2012

Why Indians are unrealistic in expecting medals at Olympics

What's needed for us to excel at the Olympics is some serious equality in interest levels shown not just by the general public and the media but also the sporting federations. #London 2012 #Olympics Blogger #Sports

Jul 5, 2012

Chhetri’s signing: The bridge over troubled waters

The lack of agents has been Indian football’s troubled waters until now, but Chhetri’s signing could well have found the bridge to walk right across that. #AIFF #football #KickingAround #Sporting Lisbon #Sunil Chhetri