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Seema Sirohi

Seema Sirohi

Seema Sirohi is a foreign policy analyst currently based in Washington. She has worked for The Telegraph (Calcutta), Outlook and Ananda Bazar Patrika in the past, reporting from Geneva, Rome, Bratislava, Belgrade, Paris, Islamabad and Washington on a range of issues. Author of Sita’s Curse: Stories of Dowry Victims, she has been a commentator on BBC, CNN and NPR.

Aug 21, 2012

Shocker: Al Jazeera’s ignorant anti-India narrative

It is open season on India. And everyone is hunting. Whoever had a grudge while India was the flavour of the season is now in the game, busy getting their two minutes of fame. #Al Jazeera #Anti-India #ConnectTheDots

Aug 6, 2012

US gurdwara shooting: Why racism, ignorance are to blame

For the Sikh community in the United States, solving one hate crime may not be enough. They have been at the receiving end since 9/11 — repeatedly mistaken for who they are not. Ignorance about the turban, long hair and kirpan is rampant. #OnOurMind #US gurdwara shooting #Wisconsin

Jul 27, 2012

On foreign policy, Romney sounds like Obama’s confused version

So far the presumptive Republican nominee’s foreign policy musings have been short on details and heavy on rhetoric. #Barack Obama #Foreign policy #Mitt Romney #United States presidential election #US2012

Jul 17, 2012

Indo-Pak cricket: Why does India keep giving when Pak just takes

Just when Washington and other capitals are finally tightening the screws on Islamabad, New Delhi is finding excess generosity in its heart. India will resume cricketing ties and may lift the ban on Pakistani television channels. Why? #Indo-Pak cricket #Indo-Pak relations #Jalil Abbas Jilani #OnOurMind #Salman Bashir #Terrorism in Pakistan

Jul 9, 2012

Nasheed wants India to be vocal, will India listen?

To abandon a president who during his tenure definitely tried to align his country with India on national security issues and shunned overtures from a certain large “frenemy” is just bad policy. And to add not too fine a point, Nasheed was the first democratically elected president of the Maldives. #Adhaalath Party #ConnectTheDots #India #Maldives #Mohamed Nasheed #United States

Jul 4, 2012

Clinton’s Pak ‘apology’ does not mean much

A careful reading of Hillary Clinton’s statement should clarify that “mistakes” were made by both sides. The apology fits in the daily management, not in the big picture. #Ashfaq Parvez Kayani #Hillary Clinton #HowThisWorks #Obama administration #Pakistan #Taliban #United States

Jun 21, 2012

Imagining India: A sacred geography bound by Hinduism

A scholar of Hinduism at Harvard envisions India as a "sacred landscape" that existed as a geographical entity in people's cultural imagination long before cartographers, and modern historians, gave it a formal form. #Diana L. Eck #Faith #Geography #Hinduism #Religion

Jun 11, 2012

India, US are talking ten to the dozen

India wants to be close to the US, buy American weapons, and even send signals to China but not in too overt a manner. #India #Leon Panetta #ThisisNext #United States

Jun 4, 2012

Celebrate, not Decry Desi Domination of Spellings

It seems some have a slight problem with desi kids dominating the American spelling bees. There is a hunt to pin success on anything other than hard work and grit. #English language #indians #Spelling bee #ToTheContrary

May 30, 2012

The slow and inevitable isolation of Pakistan

When the game has changed, it is pointless to play by old rules. Pakistan’s impossible demands and exaggerated expectations, which may have been met once upon a time, have a strange dissonance today. #Pakistan #Politics of Pakistan #PowerGames #United States