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Seema Sirohi

Seema Sirohi

Seema Sirohi is a foreign policy analyst currently based in Washington. She has worked for The Telegraph (Calcutta), Outlook and Ananda Bazar Patrika in the past, reporting from Geneva, Rome, Bratislava, Belgrade, Paris, Islamabad and Washington on a range of issues. Author of Sita’s Curse: Stories of Dowry Victims, she has been a commentator on BBC, CNN and NPR.

Mar 25, 2013

Marines’ case: Italy argues both ways

India and Italy have found a face-saver through adept negotiations with the return of the marines but whether the families of the two dead Indian fishermen will get justice is open to question. #ConnectTheDots #Italian marines case

Mar 13, 2013

Congress’ Kandahar: India should tell Italy: BASTA! Enough.

Indian governments take legal undertakings, treaties and anything stamped so seriously they forget there is also a real world out there. #diplomacy #European Union #India #InMyOpinion #Italian Marines #Italy #Supreme Court

Feb 13, 2013

Afzal Guru hanging: Pak US ambassador recommits to Kashmir cause

It will take a lot more than words to convince India of Pakistan’s change of heart. India has come more than half-way to improve relations and help the civilian government while absorbing gratuitous words from the young Hina Rabbani Khar and Rehman Malik. #Afzal Guru #HowThisWorks #India Pakistan relations

Feb 2, 2013

Left out in the cold, India needs its own plan in Afghanistan

India will needs it own plan to protect its national security interests and the $2 billion in investments in Afghanistan. #Afghanistan #Hamid Karzai #HowThisWorks #India #Pakistan #United States

Jan 22, 2013

Indian Americans ring in Obama inauguration, signal big plans

It was a great “coming out” party for Indian Americans, who at 3 million strong, are slowly coalescing into a political force in US politics. #Barack Obama #Indiaspora 2013 #OnOurMind #US Presidential inauguration

Jan 13, 2013

LoC violation: Why the US wants India and Pakistan to cool it

If transparency and trust have to grow between India and the US, a more honest exchange of views is necessary. The US needs to keep India informed in detail about its plans, intentions, and predictions for Afghanistan, which hasn’t always been the case. #Afghanistan #Barack Obama #ConnectTheDots #India #LoC violation #Pakistan #United States

Dec 31, 2012

New Year resolutions for Sonia, Manmohan and Opposition

Some people don't make New Year resolutions. We are doing so on their behalf in the hope they read it and do something about it #FastForward2013 #New Year Resolutions #Opp #PM #Sonia Gandhi

Dec 17, 2012

Why India is reluctant to host Israeli Prez Shimon Peres

Israel now wants a public acknowledgement the India-Israel friendship. It would like India to invite President Shimon Peres for a visit to put a seal on the relationship and take it to a higher level. But here's why India will be reluctant over such a visit. #HowThisWorks #India-Israel #Shimon Peres

Dec 3, 2012

Life in Israel: Caught amidst hostile neighbours, bad options

Without going into the compelling but competing narratives of why and how Israel landed in what seems a perpetually hostile dynamic, it is easy to see that it is surrounded by hostile neighbors and there is no strategic depth of geography. #Al-Qaeda #Golan Heights #HowThisWorks #Israel #Syria

Nov 22, 2012

Why I don’t feel pained about Kasab’s hanging

There were disgusting messages on Twitter celebrating Kasab’s death with “biryani” and worse. There were countdowns for the masterminds still living and thriving in Pakistan who ordered the attacks on Mumbai in 2008. #26/11 Mumbai attacks #Ajmal Kasab #Death Penalty #InMyOpinion #Pakistan #Terrorism