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Sameer Kamat

Sameer Kamat

Sameer Kamat is the author of the bestseller ‘Beyond The MBA Hype’ and the founder of MBA Crystal Ball, an admissions consulting venture. For aspiring authors hoping to get published, he shares advice on his personal blog

Apr 10, 2012

Why should you feel guilty when you quit your job?

It's not the most pleasant option for either side, but life moves on. You get a new job, the employer gets a new replacement. #Employee #Employer #InMyOpinion #Social psychology

Mar 27, 2012

What not to do in your CV?

CVs are mostly a make-or-break link between the applicants and their dream jobs. And considering the important role a resume plays, here are some valuable tips to make your CV impressive. #CV #HowThisWorks #job applications #online applications #Recruiter #Recruitment

Mar 13, 2012

Beware of the mole in your team

Have you had moles in your office? How did you deal with their efforts to 'increase transparency and information flow' between the junior guys (i.e. the team) and the senior management? #Google Inc. #Mole #OnOurMind #team member