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Sandip Roy

Sep 24, 2015

Rajdeep vs Fadnavis: Guys, it’s just a letter. Don’t turn it into a who-slapped-whom battle

No postage stamps were hurt in the process but Rajdeep Sardesai and Devendra Fadnavis’ letter exchange has taken us back to a different world. #Devendra Fadnavis #InMyOpinion #Mrinal Sen #Rajdeep Sardesai #Satyajit Ray

Sep 24, 2015

When age is a bar (to jail time): Uphaar verdict is a gift to other pending cases

The Supreme Court has explained why the brothers Ansal will not serve time for that devastating fire at Uphaar cinema which killed 59 people. #1997 Uphaar fire case #AMRI fire #Ansal brothers #Gopal Ansal #InMyOpinion #Sushil Ansal #Uphaar

Sep 23, 2015

Congress might be the Apple of his eye, but Rahul Gandhi is no Steve Jobs

Rahul Gandhi’s job is to revive his party. But he’s barking up the wrong tree if he is looking to Apple for tips. Even worse he is admitting that like Apple, the Congress is near bankruptcy. But Apple’s near bankruptcy happened while Jobs was banished from it. #Apple #Congress #InMyOpinion #Rahul Gandhi #Steve Jobs

Sep 22, 2015

Is being gay a ‘social evil’? Gujarat film puts Supreme Court in tricky terrain

Meghdhanyshya by KR Devmani had been cleared by the Censor Board. But the Gujarat State Tax Commissioner balked at giving it an entertainment tax exemption. The tax exemption can be denied to films depicting blind faith, sati, dowry and other such “social evils” that go against “national unity”. #Devmani #InMyOpinion #LGBT rights #Manvendra Singh #Meghdhanyshya #Nepal Constitution

Sep 18, 2015

VHP should mind its own ghar instead of worrying about Rahman’s ghar wapsi

The VHP wants to organise a ghar wapsi to welcome AR Rahman home with “open arms”. But it needs to realise that AR Rahman does not need their open arms to come home. He is already very much home. In India. #AR Rahman #ghar wapsi #InMyOpinion #Iran #Muhammad: The Messenger of God #VHP

Sep 15, 2015

Uber does a U-turn: Updated fine print says that it does not take responsibility for your safety

This might just be legalese to protect Uber and it does not mean the company will not endeavour to provide the best service it can, but the language still sticks in the throat. #App-based services #HowThisWorks #OLX #taxis #ThatsJustWrong #Uber

Sep 15, 2015

The importance of being Amish

Amish’s books quietly suggest that in the end neither Good nor Evil can come as readily marked the way a Neelkanth does. Sometimes you need at least a trilogy to figure out what’s what. #Amish #Books #Firstpost Salon #Life #writer

Sep 12, 2015

#MeatBan too confusing: Need an app to tell us when and where we can eat meat. How about Meat-Up?

The Bombay High Court, in deciding to hear the arguments about the meat ban, has said “Mumbai is a metropolitan city. Such a straight ban on meat cannot be formulated.” #BJP #Bombay High Court #Chhattisgarh #ConnectTheDots #Jammu and Kashmir #Maharashtra #Meat ban in India #MNS #Rajasthan #Shiv Sena