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Wednesday, October 26, 2016 |Latest E-book
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Tristan Stewart-Robertson

Tristan Stewart-Robertson

Tristan Stewart-Robertson is a journalist based in Glasgow, Scotland. He writes for Firstpost on the media, internet and serves as an objective, moral compass from the outside.

May 18, 2012

God (Don’t) Save the Queen?

With the BBC being accused of acting like the royal PR machinery, it perhaps needs to take more diverse views into account while covering the jubilee celebrations. #BBC #Impartiality #OnOurMind #Queen

May 10, 2012

Does Obama’s support for same-sex marriages really matter?

Obama's support for same sex marriages is being hailed by some quarters but until they have the same legality and rights as heterosexual marriages, mere support has little value. #Barack Obama #Civil union #InMyOpinion #Same-sex marriage #Same-sex marriage in the United States #United Kingdom

May 8, 2012

Why the hate on France after Hollande’s victory?

Why are opinions in the US and UK so vitriolic against the French after they elected Francois Hollande as their President? #France #François Hollande #InMyOpinion #United Kingdom #United States #Voter turnout

May 4, 2012

Team Anna: Anti-corruption, Pro-secrecy?

The expulsion of Team Anna member Shameem Kazmi for "allegedly secretly recording" a meeting, Team Anna is facing a complex dilemma: How can you advocate for openness but demand secrecy? #Arvind Kejriwal #ConnectTheDots #Corruption #News of the World #Principled Physics #Team Anna #Transparency

May 2, 2012

It’s not about journalism or Murdoch, it’s partisan politics

The Labour MPs and all those columnists who are wetting themselves in excitement at having a pop at Murdoch have actually lowered themselves to partisanship and muddied "truths" they so despise in Murdoch. #James Murdoch #MediaCrit #News Corporation #News of the World #Rupert Murdoch

Apr 30, 2012

Should UK ban Modi when he’s not been convicted here?

Modi may not be guilty, but banning him on the premise that he might be, sets a dangerous precedent: Who will be allowed to make such judgements? #free travel #HowThisWorks #Human Rights #Narendra Modi #United Kingdom #United States #Visa

Apr 27, 2012

Rupert Murdoch: Your doting granddad or evil mad genius?

Murdoch Sr, in two days, was a gatling gun of headlines that sent the media in so many directions they lost focus on the witness himself. #Gordon Brown #James Murdoch #News of the World #Rupert Murdoch #TheLongView

Apr 25, 2012

The states that don’t matter in America

The US continues to stick with an system to elect its presidents that results in voters in many states having no real say in who the next leader of the country will be. #Barack Obama #HowThisWorks #Mitt Romney #Presidency of the United States

Apr 24, 2012

Breivik’s truth: Is the fear of multiculturalism the enemy within us?

Anders Breivik may have shocked most of the world with most of his statements about the mass murder but may have had a point that he wasn't the only one who feared multiculturalism, something he shares with many European leaders and citizens. #Breivik #Canada #Europe #Immigration #Le Pen #Multiculturalism #OnOurMind

Apr 16, 2012

Norway massacre: Trial of a fanatic who killed 77 people

The hard part of watching major events like Breivik's trial is avoiding the declaration that their criminal actors are simply "evil". #Anders Behring Breivik #HowThisWorks #trial