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Tristan Stewart-Robertson

Tristan Stewart-Robertson

Tristan Stewart-Robertson is a journalist based in Glasgow, Scotland. He writes for Firstpost on the media, internet and serves as an objective, moral compass from the outside.

Jun 29, 2012

Will Obama’s healthcare law victory secure him a second term?

Obama is in a stronger position than he has been for a while but will that hold till November and ensure he gets a second term in office? #Barack Obama #Democratic Party #OnOurMind #Republican Party #US Supreme Court

Jun 28, 2012

Obama wins, America loses in big week for Supreme Court decisions

The future of the Affordable Care Act will be decided today but the future of the US will be decided by the spending on the presidential campaign in November. #Immigration law #Obama #OnOurMind #Republican Party #Supreme Court of the United States #United States

Jun 22, 2012

‘Twitter killer’ claims to do what chat-rooms always did better

The creators of say it was born out of 'frustration" with the 140 characters and "randomness of Twitter. #social media #TechBuzz #Twitter #Web 2.0

Jun 19, 2012

European voters could still pull the EU apart

Greece may have appeased the rest of Europe by voting in a pro-austerity party but the link between the nations remains tenuous at best even now. #social media #TechBuzz #Twitter #Web 2.0

Jun 17, 2012

#neverseconds: How a school lost to a nine-year-old on Twitter

Friday's Twitter meltdown in the UK was a perfect example of how to not only fail to adhere to your own strategy, but also to aggravate and make the situation worse. #ConnectTheDots #Martha Payne #Occupy Wall Street #social media #Twitter #United Kingdom

Jun 5, 2012

Is desire for Internet fame driving killers like Magnotta?

Was Luka Rocco Magnotta's crime a result of wanting to attract more attention on social media or was it social media that helped catch him? #Canada #Lin Jun #Mario Magnotta #porn actor #YouTube Inc

May 30, 2012

Will Julian Assange ever consider the consequences of his actions?

The 40-year-old is accused of raping one woman and "sexually molesting and coercing" another in Stockholm almost two years ago. #Julian Assange #Law/Crime #OnOurMind #Wikileaks

May 29, 2012

Hypocrisy: London Olympics can ban Syria but not Dow?

For the UK to suggest they might ban some officials from Syria connected with recent attrocities is a brilliant contrast to their refusal to ban Dow from the Olympic stadium for their Bhopal connections. #Bhopal #Nick Clegg #Syria #ThatsJustWrong #the Olympics #United Kingdom

May 24, 2012

Is Mamata India’s version of X-files’ Mulder?

Mamata Banerjee is beginning to sound like Agent Mulder from the serial The X Files, seeing conspiracies everywhere with latest allegations that plots against her are being hatched in North Korea and Venezuela. #Mamata Banerjee #OnOurMind #The X-Files #West Bengal

May 19, 2012

Facebook goes public, will profit with our private data

Facebook has been lovable in its current avatar but as pressure from shareholders demanding profits will rise, will it be our personal data that will be exploited? #facebook #Google #Mark Zuckerberg #OnOurMind