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Tristan Stewart-Robertson

Tristan Stewart-Robertson

Tristan Stewart-Robertson is a journalist based in Glasgow, Scotland. He writes for Firstpost on the media, internet and serves as an objective, moral compass from the outside.

Jan 24, 2013

Dear politicians, make the Justice Verma report an election issue

Politicians can argue after other issues, but on violence against women, they must act as one. #Delhi gangrape #Dowry #Justice Verma Committee #Violence against women #women safety

Jan 17, 2013

Obama’s gun-control plans — a list so simple, it’s stupid

Looking in to America from the outside, it's clear that Obama isn't going to take all guns from gun-loving Americans. There's no chance of that ever happening. #Assault Rifles #Barack Obama #National Rifle Association #OnOurMind #US gun control

Jan 7, 2013

Everyone deserves a lawyer – even those accused in Delhi gangrape case

With the legal case now being made, gradually, against the Delhi rape suspects, it is vital the justice system and society as a whole do whatever necessary to ensure fair trials. #Defence #Delhi gangrape case #HowThisWorks #lawyers #Saket Bar Association

Dec 29, 2012

Imagining a better 2013 for women the world over

Even if there were more convictions in rape cases, it would be unlikely to prevent the crimes - we need to change minds and the choices they make. #2013 #Delhi gangrape #Employment #InMyOpinion #Rape #Rights #Women

Dec 23, 2012

The world ended on Friday after all – thanks to NRA

Debate is for later. The NRA wants guns in schools NOW. #ConnectTheDots #National Rifle Association #Newtown

Dec 15, 2012

Gun control: America must act after Connecticut school shooting

One child dying is too many, and 20 is surely reason enough to take baby steps forward, even if we don't yet know the end result. #Barack Obama #Connecticut #Gun control #InMyOpinion #Newton #Sandy Hook Elementary #USA

Dec 13, 2012

Royal hoax: Why can’t UK media let Jacintha rest in peace?

The story of the nurse who died after being a victim of the prank call from two Australian DJs is now almost a week old, but the media won't let it die. . .or more accurately, won't let the nurse rest in peace. #Jacintha Saldanha #Kate Middleton #Royal Family #ThatsJustWrong #UK media

Dec 10, 2012

Jacintha Saldanha death and Twitter’s huge leap of logic

It's the Twitter and social media reaction that's scary. Because the nurse and mum of two was one of the two "victims" of the prank call, the bile thrown at the radio DJs was aggressive and some even implied they should kill themselves. #Kate Middleton #Prince William #ThatsJustWrong

Nov 30, 2012

Leveson report: Outdated, short-sighted, dangerous

Almost all the bad practices put on display during the Leveson inquiry are already illegal. Regulating the press inherently means providing an additional deterrent to choice, and a prior restraint on publication. #ConnectTheDots #Leveson Report #News of the World #Press Freedom #Press Regulation #social media #Twitter

Nov 28, 2012

Should media regulations also include social media?

You can be a reporter just with Twitter now, so what do you do with journalists who are not part of newspapers? Are they beyond new regulations? Are the websites belonging to newspapers held to the same standard of reporting? #David Cameron #HowThisWorks #Lord Leveson #social media #United Kingdom