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Tristan Stewart-Robertson

Tristan Stewart-Robertson

Tristan Stewart-Robertson is a journalist based in Glasgow, Scotland. He writes for Firstpost on the media, internet and serves as an objective, moral compass from the outside.

Mar 14, 2013

Surprised at a conservative Pope? Were you expecting Lady Gaga?

Many have already dismissed Frank as a conservative and homophobe. I'm not sure who atheists, liberals and others expected as Pope - Lady Gaga? #Catholicism #Gender Rights #HowThisWorks #Pope Francis #Saint Francis of Assisi #Vatican

Mar 10, 2013

Venezuela is creating a Chavez cult: Here’s why it might backfire

Chavezism - if you want to call it that - had its devotees and its detractors, and always will. The question is whether that sets the country up for ongoing and intractable division. #HowThisWorks #Hugo Chávez #Nicolas Maduro #Socialism #Venezuela

Mar 8, 2013

Why plight of Lankan Tamils highlights the hypocrisy of nations

Negotiation rarely if ever has stopped the massacre of people by their own nation. And other nations simply don't want to intervene, unless there's oil. . . and even then, it's usually long after there's no people left to save. #HowThisWorks #Interventionism #Sri Lanka #UN Security Council #United Nations

Mar 4, 2013

Sequestration cuts and the US: Don’t expect things to improve

The standoff between the US legislators may look ideological on the surface, and for some it is, but this is about positioning for the next election cycle in 2014 and ultimately 2016. #Barack Obama #Democrats #HowThisWorks #Republicans #Sequestration

Feb 28, 2013

How should history judge Pope Benedict’s legacy?

There are two sides of the religious coin: internal and external. The external is what is retiring; it is what we see, interact with, and disagree with. We see glimpses of the internal, but may never truly "know" it. Perhaps this retirement will let us. #Catholic Church #Catholic faith #ConnectTheDots #Pope Benedict XVI

Feb 25, 2013

Oscar Awards: No more just an American film awards show

Hardly any of the films were straight-forward "American" this year at the Oscars. #InMyOpinion #International films #Oscars 2013

Feb 19, 2013

From the Pope to Pistorius: Why are we being so insensitive?

Our own reactions to these events have shown a level of disrespect - for the beliefs of others; for the victim of a crime - and a level of cynicism that is unfortunate, but understandable. We simply don't know how to process genuinely shocking news. #InMyOpinion #Oscar Pistorius #Pope Benedict #Roman catholicism

Feb 6, 2013

Delhi unsafe for women? Blaming Dikshit absolves men

The more value we attach to each other, the easier it is to respect each other and, hopefully, not commit a crime against an other. #Delhi #HowThisWorks #Sheila Dikshit #Women's rights #women's safety

Jan 31, 2013

Boo to the bashers: Why I still want a BlackBerry 10

Always a fan of the underdog, the more my friends and colleagues abandon BlackBerry for the alternatives of the masses, the more I want to stick with RIM. #BlackBerry #BlackBerry 10 #InMyOpinion #RIM

Jan 29, 2013

Delhi gangrape: Is it time to lower the age of juveniles?

Justice Verma's recommendations should be adopted as sensible reform. But we can still debate how best to prosecute, punish and rehabilitate those under the age of 18. #Delhi gangrape case #InMyOpinion #juvenile accused