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Sep 30, 2011

What’s really happening at Manchester City?

As if the Tevez summer transfer saga wasn't enough, a key defender served a drugs ban, chief executive Gary Cook lost his job, and now another example of player power gone horribly wrong. #Carlos Tévez #ManchesterCity #TheBigFight

Sep 28, 2011

For Mancini, Hargreaves was another toy to slot in with the rest

Roberto Mancini is like a spoilt child who goes into a toy store knowing his parents will buy him anything that takes his eye. #football #KickingAround #Owen Hargreaves #Sports

Sep 16, 2011

There are some medals cantankerous Fergie will never win

The Manchester United manager is a clever guy, and knows how to use media to wind up opponents. He knows how to play the media game, for sure, but does that make him a nice bloke? Come off it. #Alex Ferguson #football #Kelly Dalglish #KickingAround #Manchester United #Sports

Sep 9, 2011

Is India the new England, and England the new Aus?

Without going into the whys and wherefores now of India’s woes, it should just be pointed out that India’s slip could just be an English one, one England has experienced many times before. #Australia #England cricket team #Lords #TheLongView

Sep 2, 2011

Arsenal, Chelsea have lost more than they’ve gained

Arsenal was the most active team before European soccer's summer transfer period ended. But did they leave it too late? A complete analysis of how the teams look after deadline day. #Arsenal F.C. #EPL #KickingAround #Liverpool #Peter Crouch

Aug 29, 2011

Late transfer assault could see Arsenal still win league

The ironic thing is, with the right, Manchester City-style spending over the next three days, Arsenal could turn the bad start around. #Andrei Arshavin #Arsenal #Jack Wilshere #Samir Nasri #TheLongView

Aug 26, 2011

Man United-Arsenal battles have lost their charm

Manchester United versus Arsenal not so long ago would have been the first of two titanic battles renowned as the Premier League’s most important match-up on the fixture list. Now, though, it may not even be the most important match of the day. #Arsenal #English Premier League #EPL #football #KickingAround #Manchester United #Sports

Aug 15, 2011

‘There is no way England can compare itself to West Indies or Australia’

England team director Andy Flower speaks about England's rise to number one and the need to set new goals. #Andrew Strauss #Andy Flower #Cricket #India #TheBigSeries

Aug 15, 2011

It would be ‘amazing’ to whitewash India

Kevin Pietersen speaks of England's team ethos as the force that drives England -- to the No.1 spot in the Test rankings and maybe even higher. #India #Kevin Pietersen #Sports #TheBigSeries

Aug 14, 2011

India can’t bat, bowl or catch. Have we wondered why?

Over the last four days, Indians have grappled with the question at various levels. Richard Sydenham attempts to provide some answers to the mystery. #Cricket #Gautam Gambhir #Mahendra Singh Dhoni #Sachin Tendulkar #TheBigSeries