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NS Ramnath

NS Ramnath

Ramnath has been with Forbes India since August 2008. He is based out of Bangalore, and writes mostly about business. He likes to track ideas that have the potential to change the world, or at least the way we look at it. This essentially means spending a lot of time browsing the net, reading books and magazines, and talking to people. He also likes to travel - almost always with a camera in his hand.

Dec 23, 2013

With Bala out of Infosys, is BG Srinivas on inside track to be next CEO?

After the exit of Bala, BG Srinivas is the last senior executive left for the job of future CEO. But the board may also throw open the position to outsiders. Srinivas's chances may, in fact, have reduced, not improved, after Bala's exit #BG Srinivas #CEO Watch #HowThisWorks #Infosys #Infosys Technologies #NR Narayana Murthy #V Balakrishnan

Oct 11, 2013

Infosys: Balance is tilting towards growth from margins

Infosys gave the clearest indication in the last few years that it is putting growth ahead of its obsession with maintaining margins.

#EarningsShow #Infosys #Infosys Q2 results #Infy Guidance #Infy Results #Q2 Results

Jul 13, 2013

Why Infy’s better-than-expected earnings is not the result of Murthy magic

The buoyancy in Infosys shares post the results is a bit overblown. Narayana Murthy has brought new energy to the company, but it is premature to see results #Infosys #Infosys Results #Q1 Results

Jun 14, 2013

India Day @ Oxford: Epistemology, elephants and perspectives

In short, bringing epistemology and the folk tale together will lead to questions such as 'Is the happy end of the story right?' #Elephant #India Day #India Day @ Oxford #IndiaDayAtOxford #Kate Sullivan

Jun 10, 2013

H1B Visa norms: What’s good for IBM is not good for American engineers

As US senate debates the H1B visa regulations, there's a big question its members will have to face: some of the proposals are good for its big tech firms, but are they good for American engineers? #America #ChartView #CompanyWatch #H1-B visa #IBM #Indian IT #Infosys #IT #TCS

Jun 3, 2013

Rescuing Infosys: Why Narayana Murthy had to break two of his own rules

Infosys often prides itself on sustainability, profitability and predictability. Very few observers would have predicted that Infosys would make an announcement early Saturday morning, saying that NR Narayana Murthy would be back in an executive position at a company he founded 32 years ago. #Business #Cognizant #CorporateStrategy #Forbes India #Infosys #KV Kamath #Narayana Murthy #NRN #Rohan Murthy #Shibulal #TCS

Apr 19, 2013

It’s all about employee metrics: Paradox of HCL Technologies

While HCL has been growing faster than the industry, the growth has been primarily driven by Infrastructure management, which has a different business model compared to regular IT Services #Employee satisfaction #HCL Tech #HowThisWorks #Shiv Nadar

Apr 13, 2013

Infosys: Here are signs of change the markets missed

Infosys may have disappointed the markets, but it is indicating that it wants to focus on the long term and will not be driven by market expectations alone #HowThisWorks #Infosys #Q4 results

Jul 17, 2011

Postcard from Fundookistan: How to use temple treasure for social good

An honourable Fundookistani minister talks about liberating treasure from a Very Old Temple to use for greater social good and poverty alleviation in his country, which may be more familiar than many of us realize. #Fundookistani government #Globaltribal #Reserve Bank of Fundookistan #Temple Treasure #The Very Old Temple