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Ramesh Nair

Ramesh Nair

Ramesh Nar is Managing Director - West, Jones Lang LaSalle India

May 20, 2015

Mumbaikars, please don’t expect a major appreciation on your property in the next two years

Don’t expect a major appreciation on your property in the next two years; returns on property likely only from the third year #HNI #home buyers #investors #Mumbai #Real estate

Apr 27, 2015

With no sales in Mumbai, builders are using these schemes to lure fence-sitters

In response to the unrelenting sluggishness in the market, Mumbai’s developers have been offering various schemes to entice fence-sitters; at a recently-held property exhibition in Mumbai, such schemes were very much in evidence. #discount schemes #Mumbai #Mumbai Real Estate #property #realty

Feb 19, 2015

The good, bad and ugly of Mumbai’s proposed development plan 2034

the DP does not clarify how higher FSI around stations would be managed to ensure that problems get solved instead of becoming worse. Would there be urban design interventions that go beyond what happens within a plot? #Affordable housing #FSI #Infrastructure #Mumbai #Mumbai Real Estate #Power #water

Mar 31, 2014

Property and polls: When houses are sold below market rates to fund campaigns

Undoubtedly, a new stable government will boost businesses and ignite investor confidence. However, the real impact of any changes will not reflect in the economy for at least another one year, and the effectiveness of any new initiative is something only the future can tell. #Affordable housing #FSI #Infrastructure #Mumbai #Mumbai Real Estate #Power #water

Nov 20, 2012

Seven trends to look out for in real estate in 2013

There will be more liquidity available in the housing finance market in 2013 while investors will focus more on transparency, governance and liquidity before investing. #Builder funding #India #Private equity #Real estate

Sep 6, 2012

Why Mumbai’s prime office rates are rising in a depressed mkt

The answer to this is lack of quality supply in superior locations.There is a basic scarcity of available good-quality, right-sized Grade A office stock in the city's prime locations. #HowThisWorks #Mumbai #Office rentals #Real estate