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Dec 16, 2013

What RBI’s NPA move really mean: Govt control on banks should go

The government’s control over banks has adverse impact not only on their governance. They take a toll on their business too. How many times have the finance minister pushed banks to cut interest rates even though the interest rates in the economy are on an upmove? #bad loans #Banks #ConnectTheDots #Government Control #NPAs #RBI #state banks

Dec 10, 2013

‘Sensex not over-reacting to BJP win, buoyancy will stay till next election’

The markets' reaction to the election results is not an over-reaction as it is in line with the overall environment that is getting created in the country because of the political developments in the country, Sachin Shah, fund manager, Emkay Investment Managers Ltd, told Firspost in an interview recorded just after exit poll results. #BJP #Elections #ExpertView #nifty #Sensex #state election results #Stock market

Dec 9, 2013

Decoder: Why markets’ Modi mania may be misplaced

The market’s enthusiasm over Modi’s ascension to power may well be misplaced. The experiment to find out whether a failing economy can be lifted by a positively decisive leader like Modi is likely to fail, says Barua #BSE Sensex #Exit polls #Indian equity markets #Narendra Modi #NSE Nifty

Nov 26, 2013

Sahara turns whistleblower, says Indian realty is all but illegal

Sahara’s advertisement comes in response to Sebi’s recent submission in the Supreme Court that the documents submitted by the group as collateral for the amount to be refunded to investors have overvalued the properties. #Real estate #Sahara #SEBI #title deeds #Versova

Nov 20, 2013

ATM operators shouldn’t be blamed for Bangalore attack

The ATM is a low-cost model and security is not part of that business model. Public safety is the government's responsibility #ATM attack #Bangalore #OnOurMind #Public safety

Nov 15, 2013

Here is why foreign brokerages’ Modi bet is hollow

Modi’s ascension has only accentuated its polarising image. There are many who fear under his prime ministership India’s social fabric will get damaged further. This too is a political risk. #2014 Lok Sabha Elections #BJP #Chris Wood #Congress #ConnectTheDots #Goldman Sachs #Indian Markets #Jim Rogers #Narendra Modi

Nov 14, 2013

Sensex up 200 pts: Should Raghuram Rajan be talking up the market?

He has only good things to say about the economy. CAD will be better this year, he said. But he did not make a mention about the fiscal deficit, which is a bigger worry now. The government has not come out with a concrete plan to rein in this, though the finance minister has reiterated he will control it. #InMyOpinion #nifty #Raghuram Rajan #Sensex #Stock market

Nov 12, 2013

Pepsi India investment: Nooyi’s comments expose politics of pessimism

PepsiCo’s huge money will be a confidence boost for the economy and the UPA.There are both positives and negatives. For long, the focus has been on negatives. Now that there are some positives, it is time to give some credit. As Nooyi rightly says, PepsiCo is leaning into the growth story of the country.#Indra Nooyi #Pepsi #UPA

Nov 1, 2013

Sensex hits record high: Time to forget these five party poopers

If you feel there is something terribly missing, remember the proverbial three wise monkeys: see no evil; hear no evil; say no evil. After all, who would want to play the party pooper at such a time? #Investing #ListsEtc #MarketWatch #nifty #P-Notes #Sensex #US tapering

Oct 29, 2013

4 possible RBI steps today and what it means for you

Higher interest rate is an important tool with the RBI to control inflation. So a policy rate increase is all but given. The only question is whether it is going to be 25 bps or 50 bps. #Inflation #MSF rate #PolicyWatch #Raghuram Rajan #RBI #Repo rate #Rupee