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Rajeev Srinivasan

Rajeev Srinivasan

Rajeev Srinivasan is a management consultant and columnist, and a fan of art cinema.

May 26, 2015

Modi@One: The big change is India has a leader – and a vision we can buy into

Contrary to all the literature which claims Modi is a micro-manager, Year One of his Prime Ministership shows him not as just a manager or micro-manager, but a real leader. He has given India a different vision for the future, and many are buying it #GDP #Lee Kuan Yew #Modi 365 #Narendra Modi #OneYearofModi #Year One of Narendra Modi Govt

May 21, 2015

‘No loss’ is the main gain from Modi’s China trip; South Korea was the highpoint

Modi's visit to South Korea may yield economic gains, and the one to Mongolia is about projecting India's soft power. The China visit, though, will yield nothing in the short term, but a lot will depend on what leverage we develop with the US. #Business #Economy #HowThisWorks #India-China Ties #Mongolia #Narendra Modi #New Silk Route #South Koera #Xi Jinping

May 14, 2015

Why is PM in China? Modi needs a gameplan to neutralise Chinese power

Modi's ongoing visit to China may not serve any purpose unless he has his strategy clear why he is going there. China is not your average benign power; its power needs to be contested with real strength #Chanakya #India-China Diplomacy #Modi's China visit #Narendra Modi #Sun Tzu #Xi Jinping

May 4, 2015

The existential threat to India posed by China’s Pakistan gambit

The massive Chinese investment in Pakistan has dangerous consequences for India too, and geopolitical equations change. Even China may have got more than it bargained for. India needs to play its cards extremely carefully #China-Pakistan Investment #diplomacy #string of pearls #The Neighbourhood #Tibet #Xinjiang

Apr 27, 2015

Nepal quake and what we must do: India must repay its debt to Gorkhas

An earthquake is nature's unimaginable fury. It can be terrifying. As Nepal reels under the after-effects of one, it is time for India to repay its debt to the Gorkhas, who have fought every one of our wars. PM Modi did well to jump to its rescue #Debt #Gorkhas #Kathmandu #Narendra Modi #Nepal #Nepal earthquake #NewsTracker #Relief to Nepal Quake-Hit

Apr 10, 2015

Iran Nuclear deal, Yemen evacuation will allow India to project power in region

The Iran nuclear deal that will end sanctions in return for scaling down its uranium enrichment plans is a good development from India's angle. Together with the recent evacuation from Yemen, it gives India scope to project maritime power in the Indian Ocean #Geopolitics #India-Iran ties #Indian Ocean Diplomacy #Iran Nuclear deal #Nuclear weapons

Apr 1, 2015

The Western Deep State’s assault on India – and what to do about it

The recent demonisation of India in the western media falls into a pattern driven by fears about a nationalist Prime Minister. India clearly needs to be on guard, given the western deep state's use of NGOs and evangelical organisations to further its interests #Catholic Church #Christian Missionaries #Hindus #India's Daughter #Religious Conversions #Western Deep State

Jan 26, 2015

Indo-US nuclear deal: Why is Modi pursuing what looks like a total loss in N-energy?

The approval of the insurance agreement means that all suppliers, not only Americans, will now be freed from liability, and the Indian taxpayer would pick up the tab should there be, heaven forbid, a nuclear calamity. #Chernobyl #China #clean energy #India #Japan #Nuclear energy #Republic Day #United States #US #Vietnam #World

Jan 24, 2015

Laughing at ancient Indian science: Why critics need to embrace some humility

While some extreme claims have been made about ancient Indian science, it is better if scientists and journalists do not dismiss all claims as ipso facto absurd. Newtonian science itself was overturned in just over a 100 years. #Ancient Indian science #Indian Medicine #Indian Science Congress #Marxist historians #Pythagoras Theorem