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Ringside View

Ringside View

Legend has it that when I was born, the first words I uttered were ‘sport’. Of course, it’s not sure which end of the body the sound came from. But the fellowship was formed. Since then I has been attempting to prove that I have prodigious potential, only to be told otherwise by everyone else. So since I can't play, I write -- about the adrenaline rush in motor sport, the poetically brutal marriage of strings, balls and humans in tennis and the pain that comes from being a football fan.

May 9, 2011

Finally, good news for Karthikeyan’s fans

The Turkish Grand Prix was the second race in a row that Karthikeyan managed to finish. Considering that the car made its appearance only during the second practice session of the Australian GP, that is actually good progress. #Fasttrack #Motorsport #Narain Karthikeyan