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Prithwis Mukerjee

Prithwis Mukerjee

Prithwis Mukerjee is professor, School of Management, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

Oct 30, 2012

Who Needs Holidays ?

A government job is meant to be a passport to luxurious idleness — but if anybody in any position of authority has even an iota of interest in improving, however slightly, the work ethic of the sarkari behemoth then exploring this option could be good place to start. #BPO companies #holidays #OnOurMinds

May 30, 2012

How Google Maps and Android phones can help Indian Railways

This automatically updated train running information will not only be a boon for passengers but also for the Indian Railways as they would be able to track the position of all trains with a good deal of precision. #Android #Gmail #Google Inc. #GPS #HowThisWorks #Indian Railways #social media

May 15, 2012

Entrance exams and Brand IIT: misconceptions galore

While the JEE may still be conducted honestly, evidence on the ground shows that its discriminatory power has been conclusively demolished. #Education #Engineer #Entrance examination #HowThisWorks #National Institutes of Technology #Presidency college

Mar 19, 2012

How long do we wait for timely justice?

If justice delayed is justice denied, then the citizens of India have had no justice for many years. We all know that court cases in India drag on for years, while litigants grow old and die or settle out of court. #HowThisWorks #Supreme Court India #Supreme Court of India

Mar 1, 2012

(In)Efficiency in Public Sector Educational Institutes

Even a cursory investigation into this unfortunate state of affairs will reveal that the real problem is the poor state of the underlying management and administrative mechanism that governs Public Sector Educational Institutions (PSEI). #ConnectTheDots #Fixed assets management #Investment #Jairam Ramesh #Narayan Murthy #Vigilance Commission #web using credit cards

Feb 22, 2012

From any branch banking to any booth voting

Any Booth Voting will be a boon for travellers as well as economic migrants who have to live away from their constituency to earn a living. #ATM #Election Commission #Elections #Identity document #ThisisNext