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G Pramod Kumar

Apr 18, 2015

A Congress Bachao programme for Sonia: Get rid of Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi is unwilling to consistently work hard and chooses issues and drops them when he loses interest. Sonia needs to choose alternate leadership. #BJP #Congress #Dynastic politics #Indira Gandhi #Manmohan Singh #PM Narendra Modi #PoliticalPlay #Politics #Rahul Gandhi #Rajiv Gandhi #sabbatical #Sonia Gandhi

Apr 17, 2015

Modi in Canada: What ‘atmosphere of trust’ in India is the PM talking about?

Speaking in Toronto on Thursday, the Prime Minister also made an interesting claim - that “there is a new atmosphere of trust on our nation.” #HowThisWorks #India #Investment #minorities #Narendra Modi #Saamna #Shiv Sena

Apr 14, 2015

Mocking ‘secularists’ in Germany: PM Modi’s jibe on Sanskrit is classic BJP doublespeak

PM Modi was obviously taking a jibe at “secularists” in India - that Sanskrit is opposed in India by people who believed in secularism or different religious beliefs. #Atal Bihari Vajpayee #BJP #ConnectTheDots #german #Germany #India #Narendra Modi #Schools

Apr 14, 2015

Lying about Ambedkar: RSS revisionism on his 124th birth anniversary

A mendacious BJP wants to usurp and misrepresent Ambedkar's legacy by making invidious comparisons to attract Dalit votes and to take on the BSP in UP, while a status quoist Congress wants to continue misleading its tradition Dalit vote-base. #Ambedkar #BJP #Congress #Dr B R Ambedkar #ghar wapsi #RSS C

Apr 9, 2015

Killing red sander ‘smugglers’ was summary execution: Andhra Pradesh should be ashamed

The "encounter-killing" of 20 "smugglers" in Seshachalam forests near Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh on Tuesday by a state-level task-force for their alleged role in red-sandalwood smuggling is one of the most intense extra-judicial killings the country has witnessed in recent years. #Andhra Pradesh #Andhra Pradesh police #ConnectTheDots #Encounter Killing #Red Sandalwood #red sanders #smugglers

Apr 6, 2015

What Azim Premji’s presence at an RSS function shows: CSR is not as simple as we think

Wipro chairman Azim Premji’s attendance of an RSS function on Sunday has justifiably raised eyebrows across the country, but the billionaire businessman escaped with a caveat that he didn’t subscribe to the Sangh ideology. #Azim Premji #corporates #CSR #RSS #Sangh #wipro

Apr 2, 2015

The politics of language: Only-Kannada policy of Karnataka is a gift to private school cartels

The politics of language in schools is back yet again — this time in Karnataka. The state government on Tuesday amended the Right To Education (RTE) Act to make Kannada the mandatory medium of instruction from classes one to five. Through another bill, the Kannada Language Learning Bill, the government has also made learning Kannada mandatory from classes one to ten. #ConnectTheDots #Education #English #Karnataka #mother tongue #primary education #school

Mar 31, 2015

Bhushan-Yadav exit may not weaken AAP but it will lose part of its soul

Will the exit of Bhushan and Yadav weaken the party and affect its electoral chances? No, because they are not Kejriwal and AAP’s political constituencies are unlikely to be impacted by their absence. The party is still a Delhi phenomenon and is controlled by a Delhi-gang that swears by Kejriwal. It may cause an image issue among a certain class of AAP-supporters, but it is unlikely to create a negative impact in the long run. #AAP #Arvind Kejriwal #Delhi #PoliticsDecoder #Prashant Bhushan #Yogendra Yadav

Mar 25, 2015

Face of free speech is back: SC scrapping 66A is a triumph of democratic dissent

Criminalising it makes people fearful and faceless. It allows the police, political thugs and local magistrates to intimidate, penalise and ultimately silence democratic dissent. UPA’s 66A was a godsend for them because it allowed them to book anybody, who uttered anything in cyberspace, for violation of law. #Freedom of Speech #Section 66A