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Piyasree Dasgupta

Jul 29, 2015

APJ Abdul Kalam: The President who never stopped being an aam aadmi

Several of the RIP messages dedicated to Kalam were accompanied with anecdotes - some personal, some collected from others, some remembered from books and speeches. #Aam Aadmi #APJ Abdul Kalam #APJ Abdul Kalam's death #Dr APJ Abdul Kalam #Indian Politics

Jul 28, 2015

What Rahul Yadav ‘bared’ in the Femina interview: He is just an ill-mannered, overgrown child

The article begins like this: "I am standing in Rahul Yadav’s bedroom. No, this is not a dream." #Housing.com. Rahul Yadav's resignation #Indian Start-ups #Rahul Yadav

Jul 8, 2015

SC may have fallen into the patriarchy trap even with judgement on unwed mothers

On July 7, the Supreme Court had to ask the country to grow up and accept that a woman can take good care of a child all by herself. #Morality in India #SC #Supreme Court judgment on unwed mothers #Supreme Court of India

Jul 8, 2015

Dear Hema Malini, time to shut up and stop blaming Dausa victim’s father

It was fine till she was playing the battered Seeta. Her Geeta avatar on Twitter today, however, has dug her her into a hole. #Dausa accident #Dausa accident of Hema Malini #Hema Malini #Hema Malini accident #Hema Malini's tweet

Jul 3, 2015

Stupider than thou: The idiocy of trying to bully a Bangladesh newspaper for the Indian cricket team meme

Hell hath no fury, like a Indian cricket fan scorned and impossible to distract since there's no cricket match playing on TV. #Bangladesh #Bangladeshi ad #Indian Cricket Team #Mahendra Singh Dhoni #Prothom Alo #Virat Kohli

Jun 26, 2015

Who cares? Here’s what the post-Emergency generation thinks about its 40th anniversary

For a generation that didn't live the turmoil, the Emergency figured in their lives as dinner-time anecdotes at times, as sarcastic analogies at others. #Emergency #India #India's Emergency #Indira Gandhi #LK Advani #Narendra Modi

Jun 22, 2015

St Stephen’s sexual harassment case: Principal Thampu’s ‘defence’ reveals a callous institution hiding behind Vishakha

The St Stephen's incident and Thampu's critique of the complainant makes it clear that instituting a committee to probe incidents of sexual harassment in an organisation is not enough #Sexual harassment #Sexual harassment in India #Sexual harassment in St Stephen's #St Stephen's College #Valsan Thampu