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Pravin Palande is an Associate Editor with Forbes India. He tracks the financial markets and its cast of characters for a living, but spends much time pursuing science fiction, rock music and graphic novels. He is the in-house expert on Microsoft Excel and often gets excited by the sight of data sets in multiple rows and columns. A great fan of Isaac Asimov, he never tires of building futuristic scenarios. He frequently dreams of a stock market run entirely by robots.

May 15, 2014

Think Mumbai real estate prices have gone down? Sorry, you are mistaken

We looked at the data for Mumbai to understand if there was any genuine fall in real estate prices. The big picture? To our surprise, prices in most cases have only gone up.

May 14, 2013

Gold funds retain sheen, but will they continue to hold up?

Gold ETFs did good volumes on Akshaya Tritiya, but prices weakened. Gold may fall further as the world economy recovers, but it is still a good hedge against equity. #Akshaya Tritiya #gold ETFs #MetalWatch #The Gold Bug

May 10, 2011

Why caveat emptor will not work in MF industry

The ban on entry loads has had the net effect of arresting the industry's growth. Far from banning entry-loads, Sebi should be adopting a let the buyer beware approach. #entry loads #Mutual Funds #Regulator Raj #SEBI