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Nandita Jayaraj

Apr 13, 2012

One classic match that made us believe in the IPL again

Stephen Flemings twitches, Virat Kohli’s horror and the weird thing Jadeja did when he hit the winning boundary -- it was all real, unadulterated by the stink of money and glitz. #Chennai Super Kings #IPL 5 #IPL FanBlogs #Twenty20 #Virat Kohli

Apr 4, 2012

IPL 5: Why it seems like force-fed fun

Between that, a cranky Salman Khan, seemingly-aloof cricketers and Katy Perry’s pattu sari-clad backup singers, the opening ceremony was an interesting reflection of what the Indian Premier League is in danger of turning into – force-fed fun. #Chennai Super Kings #Indian Premier League #IPL 5 #IPL FanBlogs #Katy Perry #Salman Khan