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Mitu Jayashankar

Mitu Jayashankar

Mitu Jayashankar is a Contributing Editor at Forbes India. She is a Delhi girl who has managed to embrace the quirks of the South Indian way of life after her move to Bangalore. A sceptic but not a cynic by her own definition, Mitu considers herself lucky to have been a part of the Garden City’s journey from a sleepy paradise to a bustling high-tech metropolis. Her interests range from technology and business to education, social entrepreneurship and philanthropy. She began her career at A&M and has passed through the portals of Businessworld and The Economic Times.

Aug 20, 2011

After Murthy’s exit, Infy will have to rediscover risk-taking

As Narayana Murthy bid adieu to Infosys, what is surprising is the kind of risks he took in the early stages of the company's growth. His successors need to rediscover that original risk-taking ability. #Bill Gates #Infosys #LookBackInWonder #Narayana Murthy #Rohan Murthy #Sudha Murthy

Aug 3, 2011

Who cares if Cognizant overtakes Wipro? Employees do

The IT services business is all about energy. There is no rocket science; whatever one company tries the other company will copy. But momentum is one thing that is very hard to replicate. #Cognizant #Cognizant Technology Solutions #Infosys #quarterly results #Smartcompanies #Wipro Technologies

Jun 12, 2011

Infosys AGM: ‘lacklustre’ farewell for Murthy, emotional exit for Pai

Narayana Murthy's last Infosys AGM was for the most part lackluster, long drawn and hijacked by shareholders, but had its moments of entertainment and emotional drama. #Infosys #Kris Gopalakrishnan #Mohandas Pai #N.R. Narayana Murthy

May 8, 2011

The real reason why Infosys hasn’t announced a COO yet

When announcing the appointment of D Shibulal as the next CEO of Infosys, the board failed to announce who will step into his shoes as COO. Was this done to ensure that no more succession contenders leave the company like Mohandas Pai? #Infosys Succession #Next Infosys COO #TheCorporation