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Mahesh Vijapurkar

Mahesh Vijapurkar

Mahesh Vijapurkar likes to take a worm’s eye-view of issues – that is, from the common man’s perspective. He was a journalist with The Indian Express and then The Hindu and now potters around with human development and urban issues.

Sep 17, 2015

Don’t know Marathi, can’t drive autos: Here’s how Shiv Sena plans to gain from the move in Maharashtra

Shiv Sena, which started its journey with the plank of sons of the soil and language – together, it is asmita – has not given up on them. #Autorickshaws #ConnectTheDots #India #licenses #Maharashtra #Marathi #Mumbai #nativism #Shiv Sena

Sep 8, 2015

Saamana riddle: Why is the Shiv Sena mouthpiece suddenly pro-progressives?

Sanjay Raut's signed article in Saamana is a strange variation on its normal position, but it has brought the Shiv Sena mouthpiece back into the limelight #ConnectTheDots #MM Kalburgi #Saamana #Sanjay Raut #Uddhav Thackeray

Aug 30, 2015

Raise a toast! Maharashtra relaxes drinking Prohibition in parts

Permits are the consequence of the Prohibition introduced in 1950 and has been one of the biggest shams. #Bombay State #Drinking permit #Eknath Khadse #HowThisWorks #Maharashtra #Narendra Modi #States

Aug 19, 2015

Eradicating the gender bias: Is it time for Mumbai to get ‘women only’ bars?

This is a reality faced a while ago by a Vasai-based Marathi author, Kavita Mahajan and narrated on her Facebook wall triggering responses from women who asked, don’t the women have their own space? Was a male companion de riguer in a modern city, which boasts of independent women, making their careers, some as single women by choice? #ConnectTheDots #Drinking #Gender bias #Mumbai #Women #Women only bars

Aug 16, 2015

Discrepancies or dishonesty? How black money estimates are frequently miscalculated

The Hindu reports that the cash found from an engineer’s home near Kolkata was Rs 20.75 cr. The Times of India puts it at over Rs 24 cr. Both mention gold separately. This variation or discrepancy can be a metaphor for the lack of estimation, forget knowledge, of the black money in India. #Black money #ConnectTheDots #Corruption #India

Aug 6, 2015

Dear Congress, isn’t burning effigy of LS Speaker Sumitra Mahajan ‘murder of democracy’ too?

Disdain towards parliament's functional aspects by its members is one thing. Disrespect towards the Speaker by demonstrations outside her residence is quite another. #Congress & BJP #Lok Sabha #Monsoon Session of Lok Sabha 2015 #Sumitra Mahajan