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Madan Sabnavis

Madan Sabnavis

Madan Sabnavis is Chief Economist at CARE Ratings.

Jul 29, 2013

Sen and Bhagwati: Why quarrel when both are right?

Just like how both Monetarism and Keynesianism need to be used in harmony depending on circumstances, so should the Sen-Dreze and Bhagwati-Panagariya prescriptions be used together. #Amartya Sen #Economics #FaceOff #Jagdish Bhagwati #Keynesian #Monetarism #Poverty

Jul 16, 2013

Growth, inflation woes: Why the ball is back in govt’s court

The green shoots have certainly not appeared and the monsoon period is not exactly the time when there is much private activity. Inflation will stabilize at a higher level once the impact of rupee depreciation gets embedded in the system. #Budget 2013-2014 #Economy #Growth #HowThisWorks #Inflation #P. Chidambaram #RBI

Jul 1, 2013

Govt efforts may go kaput as price fall makes gold attractive

Once clarity is attained on the Fed action and funds move in a more rational manner, it could just be good times for the yellow metal again #Bonds #CAD #equity #Gold #MetalWatch #US Fed #yellow metal

Jun 13, 2013

Forget the rate cut: RBI has bigger things to worry about

Given the steep dive of the rupee and a limited ability to defend its value, the last thing the RBI should be thinking of is an interest rate cut #Interest rates #PolicyWatch #Rate Cuts #RBI

May 6, 2013

RBI remains a Cassandra, and the rate cut won’t help

The RBI is clearly not convinced that the inflation genie has been put back in the bottle. But why then did it cut the repo rate in a way that will impact neither growth nor inflation expectations? #D. Subbarao #Monetary Policy 2013-13 #PolicyWatch #RBI Repo Rate

Apr 27, 2013

Normal monsoon? Why it means almost nothing now

We should read the IMD's monsoon forecast with caution. It does not tell us that things will be normal in terms of rainfall, crop output or prices. But in its absence we would have to worry. #Business #Economy #Food Production #IMD #Monsoon forecast

Apr 2, 2013

When it comes to leading BJP the cap only fits Modi

Despite some carping and sniping, only Narendra Modi seems capable of leading the BJP in the next general elections. Here's why. #BJP leader #Elections 2014 #In My Opinion #Narendra Modi

Mar 26, 2013

Why we do indeed need the Food Security Bill

Food subsidies and NREGA are costs, but they should not be seen as a burden. Inefficiencies in the system, of course, need to be fixed. #Food security #NREGA

Feb 28, 2013

Why Union Budget 2013 growth numbers look a bit shaky

The budget will not do much to turn around either savings or investment, but it does balance the priorities fairly #Budget 2013 #fiscal deficit #P. Chidambaram

Feb 27, 2013

Clear message from Economic Survey: Budget 2013 will be cautious

The Economic Survey does the usual job: paints the facts as they are, and give us a picture of concerns and challenges. And all the signs in this one are that the budget is likely to be a cautious one. #Budget2013 #Economic Survey #Economic Survey 2012-13 #P. Chidambaram