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Wednesday, October 26, 2016 |Latest E-book
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Madan Sabnavis

Madan Sabnavis

Madan Sabnavis is Chief Economist at CARE Ratings.

Jun 29, 2016

7th Pay Commission: Salary hike is fine but why not link it with performance?

The idea of a Pay Commission is to revise the pay scales of the government staff, which also increases in the normal course of time through increments which are however not comparable to those in the private sector. #7th Pay Commission #Arun Jaitley #Economy #Inflation #InMyOpinion

Jun 24, 2016

Brexit: Blow likely for Indian companies as they may have to rework plans

While technically the Parliament can still decide not to follow the result of the referendum, it is almost certain that this would happen. Also there will be a transition path over the next 2 years before this happens and during this period, the details would be worked on. #Brexit #Britain #Europe #Grexit #UK exit of EU #United Kingdom

Jun 23, 2016

Brexit: India need not be worried; expect only short-term impact

At the micro level Indian companies with significant operations in Britain would get impacted depending on what proportion of the output gets sold in Europe #Brexit #Brexit impact #EU Referendum

Jun 20, 2016

Why a new governor will face ‘comparison syndrome’ from high standards set by Rajan

The concept of the swap facility of dollars by RBI was certainly novel and would have occurred to only a top class economist #Asian Crisis #Raghuram Rajan #RBI Governor #Reserve Bank of India #Subba Rao

Jun 15, 2016

Reality about GST: Why we shouldn’t expect revolutionary economic changes

It will be commendable once we get in GST as it has meant dealing with all the contradictions which envelopes democracies where real politick is an integral part #GDP growth #GST Bill #Inflation #IT backbone #Transparency

Jun 2, 2016

After two years of Telangana, things are in the right direction

The doing business report on states based on implementation of the 98 points suggested by the centre has ranked Telangana at 13, which is well above the median rank of 16. #2 years of foundation #Andhra Pradesh #Hyderabad #Medak #Rangareddi #Telangana

Jun 1, 2016

Be watchful of GDP: Here are a few anomalies that make them doubtful

The problem with these forecasts and estimates is that they tend to be revised at least twice a year and often come at a lower level finally #Agriculture #GDP #Growth #NPAs #RBI

May 23, 2016

Why there are more hits than misses in the two years of Modi government

This government has been known to be a keen performer in terms of introducing policies and ensuring that they are implemented #coal #Digital India #FDI #Jan Dhan #Make In India #Modi government #Reforms #spectrum #UDAY bonds

May 12, 2016

Why govt must emulate monetary policy panel to make policy making transparent

The important part of this story will be the position of the RBI Governor on whether he would have the final say. This is critical to ensure that the decision is taken independently. #fiscal deficit #Government #Monetary Policy Committee #RBI governor Raghuram Rajan

Apr 13, 2016

IMD’s first monsoon estimate is good news: But, here’s why it’s not yet time to celebrate

In the past it has been observed that the second forecast is always better than the first #Economy #IMD #Inflation #Kharif crops #Monsoon forecast #NREGA #Pulses