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Latha Venkatesh

Latha Venkatesh

Latha Venkatesh is the Banking and Commodities Editor at CNBC TV-18. As a key anchor with the channel, Latha is a keen observer of the monetary policy space. She has kept close watch on the Reserve Bank of India’s policy formulations and developments in the banking industry. She also tracks money market and macroeconomic trends

Feb 18, 2014

Budget 2104: Chidambaram’s excise cut is a trap for next govt; it is unpardonable

If next year's tax and expenditure growth were exactly like this year's, the fiscal deficit will be at least Rs 1.2 lakh crore higher than the budget target

Oct 10, 2013

CAD crisis squashed for now as exports rise; focus must shift to fiscal deficit

The current account deficit in the second quarter may well be zero. The year could end with a 2.5 percent CAD. The focus must now shift to the fiscal deficit. #CAD #Dollar #exports #fiscal deficit #GDP #HowThisWorks #imports #Rupee #Trade Deficit

Oct 4, 2013

Correcting CAD: Let rupee fall and stop doling out sops for foreigners

A slower depreciation of the rupee is better way to strengthen the country’s exports, lower competitive imports and give a boost to Indian industry all round. The enforced appreciation of the rupee cuts this boost to industry. #CAD #FCNR #FII #Foreign Currency Non Resident. #Indian rupee

Sep 23, 2013

If govt doesn’t do its bit, Rajan’s attack on inflation will hurt

The decision to track CPI can mean a much more hawkish RBI that we are prepared for. Not only is headline CPI at 9.5%, non-food CPI has been sticky at 8.7%. So even assuming food inflation drops rapidly in the last quarter of 2013, headline CPI may remain well above 8%. In which case RBI may go for 2 more rate hikes. #CPI #Inflation #Interest rates #PolicyWatch #Raghuram Rajan #RBI #RBI policy #Repo rate #WPI

Aug 19, 2013

PM gave RBI Guv a pat on back, not rap on knuckles

The PM is said to have frowned on the RBI's recent approach to monetary policy, but his actual words do not lend themselves to this interpretation #D. Subbarao #Manmohan Singh #Raghuram Rajan #RBI Governor #Reserve Bank of India #To The Contrary

Aug 7, 2013

Both finmin and RBI may be wary of Raghuram Rajan

Having got into the hot seat, next RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan will find that he will have enemies both in the RBI and in the finance ministry #Raghuram Rajan #RBI #RBI Governorship #What's Next

Mar 19, 2013

RBI will grant FM a rate cut but not without regret

The government's intransigence on diesel prices should therefore be highlighted by the RBI. They may still give a cut, but they must express dissatisfaction over the refusal of the government to keep its word that diesel prices will be hiked every month. #PolicyWatch #Rate cut #RBI

Oct 29, 2012

No case for a rate cut, but Mint St could still do one

Inflation is far from weakening, but the pressure from the sovereign on a rate cut for dispelling pessimism is strong. Better a rate cut than a CRR cut. #fiscal deficit #Monetary policy #PolicyWatch #RBI #Repo rates

Sep 6, 2012

CRR: The proxy war between FM and RBI

The ongoing debate over the status of the CRR (cash reserve ratio) may well be the latest avatar of the age-old war between the RBI and the finance ministry. #Cash reserve ratio #finance ministry #NewsTracker #Reserve Bank of India