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Kevin Anderson

Dec 23, 2011

Smart pens and other top business gadgets from 2011

Usually when you think of business gadgets, you don't think cool. For a change, here are five uber-cool, sleek business gadgets from 2011 that are must-have for all corporate high-fliers. #Battery charger #BestOf2011 #business gadgets #Handheld projector #Smartphone

Nov 30, 2011

Biggest strike since the 70s cripples UK

More than two million British public sector workers are striking today over pension cuts in what the BBC was calling "the biggest walkout for a generation." #NewsTracker #Pension #Public sector workers #Strike #United Kingdom

Sep 26, 2011

Tech hub: What Ireland did right to land Twitter

Ireland has become a major tech hub for Europe, attracting the likes of Dell, IBM and now Twitter, but can their model be generalised elsewhere? #Republic of Ireland #Silicon Valley #Tax #Twitter

Sep 8, 2011

Carol Bartz gets a golden goodbye from Yahoo!

Carol Bartz is probably still smarting after she was fired over the phone as Yahoo CEO, but to ease her pain, she will still walk away with millions. #Carol Bartz #TechBuzz #Yahoo!

Aug 3, 2011

Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates: Who will have the greater legacy?

The epic battle of the tech world—Microsoft versus Apple—seemed decided long ago, with Bill Gates clearly the winner, but Steve Jobs stands ready to cap one of the most amazing come-back stories in business history. #Bill Gates #BuzzPatrol #Steve Jobs

Aug 1, 2011

Is AOL heading for second corp divorce, this time with HuffPo?

Knives have been out since Huffington joined AOL, with abundant rumours of culture clashes between the Huffington Post team and the AOLers. #AOL #AOL Time Warner #Arianna Huffington #Huffington Post

Jul 18, 2011

Without a friend request, IB is still watching your FB page

The Intelligence Bureau has been scrambling to increase its ability to monitor a range of electronic communications including internet telephony services such as Skype. Are we running into an embrace that will get uncomfortable very soon? #Intelligence Bureau #Internet #Surveillance #TechTalk

Jul 14, 2011

Murdochs in showdown with British government

The latest bombshell in this fast developing story came after British PM David Cameron announced a broad, multi-pronged enquiry into the growing scandal around Rupert Murdoch's newspapers, press regulation and allegations of police corruption relating to the scandal. #BSkyB #InThisCorner #News Corp #Rupert Murdoch

Jul 13, 2011

Cameron announces broad, deep enquiry into hacking

Cameron has asked Rupert Murdoch to drop the expansion plan for his media empire while police probe possible crimes by his journalists. #David Cameron #News Corporation #News of the World #Rupert Murdoch #WhoSaidWhat

Jul 12, 2011

British Watergate: The scandals mount against Murdoch’s empire

The hacking scandal threatening Rupert Murdoch's media empire grows deeper with allegations that private investigators working for the firm targeted not only mobile phones, but also credit card and bank accounts. #News Corporation #News of the World #Rupert Murdoch #TechTalk