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Mar 19, 2012

No more excuses: Change that diaper, dad!

Indian men, and often women, still think that mothers have some special gene that helps them to handle baby poop and sick kids. Well, here's a news flash: they don't! #Babycare #Infancy #MaternalLink #Parenting

Mar 1, 2012

Board exam hysteria: Teaching our kids how to fail

Our frenetic pursuit of academic success is harmful and futile. Given the crushing competition, the odds are that many of our children will fail – be it at topping their class or getting into that A-list college. #CBSE board exams #cut-off #failure #IIM #Maternal Ink

Feb 16, 2012

Where’s my rod: Why beating kids never goes out of fashion

There’s a lot of nonsense talked about how modern day parents are too soft on their kids. But the reality is that many – if not most -- parents think beating is an effective way to discipline children, whether at home or at school. #Amy Chua #Childhood #dicipline #MaternalLink #Parenting #Wolf Dad #Xiao Baiyou

Jan 17, 2012

Should we stop calling our daughters pretty?

How often do you call little girls "pretty"? It's pretty natural. But is it just driving home the wrong message in a country which already ranks number five in the list of nations demanding plastic surgery? #eating disorders #Lisa Bloom #MaternalInk #Parenting #plastic surgery

Jan 3, 2012

Save the family ritual, each family needs one

It doesn't have to be complicated or educational or improve your IQ. But every family needs a family ritual. Kavitha Rao discovered hers in an old-fashioned board game. What's your family ritual? #Dr. Seuss #Games #MaternalInk #Parenting

Dec 15, 2011

Baby in bed: Can co-sleeping kill your child?

A new American campaign claims sharing a bed with your child is as bad as putting your baby to bed with a butcher knife. Thank god we Indians have long been immune to such absurd paranoia. #Child rearing #Childhood #Human development #Sudden infant death syndrome

Nov 30, 2011

Does your child really need that iPhone?

Everyone complains their children are getting more and more materialistic. But your kids don't want iPhones and designer jeans just because they see ads. They want them because they see you. #BlackBerry #brand bullying #IPhone #MaternalInk #Parenting

Nov 15, 2011

No kids allowed: Is India ready for child-free zones?

Kid-free zones are the last thing you'd expect in India where everyone is expected to worship at the temple of the child. But one mother says it might not be such a bad idea. Unless it's carried too far. #Child-free #kid free zones #MaternalInk #Parenting

Oct 31, 2011

The toxic cult of the good mother

In the land of Bharat Mata, we are fanatically devoted to the image of the ever-smiling mommy martyr. God forbid we should acknowledge that parenting can be hard, exhausting, or even just plain boring. #Bad Parent #Home Game: The Accidental Guide to Fatherhood #Lionel Shriver #MaternalInk #Motherhood #We Need to Talk about Kevin

Oct 14, 2011

Overworked granny: The working woman’s unpaid nanny

The rise of women in the workplace has been enabled not by society, company policy or even the "new" Indian husband. It has been subsidized instead by an overworked, exhausted but dutiful grandmother. #family support systems #MaternalInk #Parenting #Women in the workplace