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Nov 8, 2014

What was UPA afraid of? It opposed black money SIT not once, but thrice

While much has been made of the fact that the NDA had the same stand as UPA on disclosing list on black money, the difference is how Modi appointed SIT without a second thought. #Black Money SIT #CriticalPoint #Justice MB Shah #Modi Govt #Supreme Court #UPA

Apr 2, 2014

CCTV footage of Tarun Tejpal case: The legal issues at play

What are the different issues pertaining to the Outlook report that may be at play in courts? #CCTV footage #LegalTangle #Outlook story on Tejpal #Tarun Tejpal #Tejpal

Mar 18, 2014

Fact-check: Here’s why Adani may not have received a sweetheart deal from Modi

The Adani Group is said to be close to the Modi government in Gujarat. With allegations flying thick and fast, here are some facts to guide the discussion #Adani Deal #Gautam Adani #Lok Sabha elections 2014 #Mundhra Port #Narendra Modi

Apr 3, 2013

The anti-rape bill and its problematic definition of ‘stalking’

“Stalking” has been added as an offence in the Indian Penal Code as Section 354D punishable by a term of up to three years and fine. It is important to understand the potentially dangerous ramifications of this seemingly innocuous insertion on our criminal law books. #Anti-rape bill #Cyber stalking #HowThisWorks #Stalking

Nov 17, 2012

Why Mallika Sarabhai has got Modi’s ‘pro-rich attitude’ wrong

Would Mallika Sarabhai want Gujarat to generate real jobs or create doles for the poor? #Gujarat Economy #Gujarat Elections 2012 #Mallika Sarabhai #Narendra Modi

Nov 11, 2012

Modi government and the judiciary: A lesson in governance

With the magnitude of corruption affecting the nation, the biggest victory for government of Gujarat has been the MB Shah Commission of Inquiry rejecting all allegations of corruption and illegality in land allotments to industries. #Gujarat Elections 2012 #Gujarat government #HowThisWorks #Narendra Modi

Oct 23, 2012

Modi’s success is why Britain re-engaged with Gujarat

Modi is why Britain boycotted Gujarat for all these years. Modi is also why it has changed its mind. #Narendra Modi #To The Contrary #UK-Gujarat Ties

Oct 2, 2012

Bapu’s idea: All individual rights flow from one’s duties

We need to ask ourselves: if the state guarantees us our right to free speech, what is our universal duty we owe the world around us for this? #HowThisWorks #Mahatma Gandhi #Rights & Duties

Sep 28, 2012

SC opinion on auctions clarifies — but also warns

The Supreme Court has rightly given the executive its due, but it has also raised warnings on abuse of arbitrary policy meant to benefit a few. #2G #Auctions #Coalgate #SC Opinion

Aug 28, 2012

Swamy’s grievance against SC in Chidu case looks valid

The Supreme Court seems to have failed to really give a view on Subramanian Swamy's real issue against P Chidambaram #2G scam #P. Chidambaram #Subramanian Swamy