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Kanishkaa Balachandran

Kanishkaa Balachandran

Kanishkaa Balachandran realised early enough that he was interested in little else besides cricket. After getting a Commerce degree, common sense prevailed when he joined Cricinfo, where he worked for more than four years as a journalist. He is currently finishing his Masters degree in Print Journalism at the University of Sheffield.

Oct 6, 2011

Do fans really care about Champions League T20?

The reason for the lukewarm response lies in the format, among many things. Also, unless the international calendar gives the fans some breathing space, no amount of aggressive promotion will work. #Champions League Twenty20 #Cricket #InMyOpinion #Sports

Sep 18, 2011

Fletcher has to take the hard call now

And if that means picking up the phone and calling the Delhi Daredevils to tell them that Sehwag's shoulder needs a rest then so be it. #Dhoni #Duncan Fletcher #Indian Premier League #TheBigSeries

Sep 7, 2011

For Dhoni, the way forward is to step back

Dhoni's mind, more than his body, needs more time off. The demands of captaining the country in all three formats and the paucity of a suitable replacement wicketkeeper-batsman has stretched Dhoni. #HowThisWorks #Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Aug 9, 2011

India needs to hunt in pairs, not crib over injuries

A Test match may be all about individual sessions, but in the ultimate analysis, it's the team effort that counts. For that, more than just one player needs to step up.#Graeme Swann #Harbhajan Singh #India-England series #Rahul Dravid #Sreesanth #TheBigSeries

Jul 20, 2011

ICC’s fantasy, called the ‘timeless test’

A couple of years ago, Haroon Lorgat’s predecessor Malcolm Speed mooted the idea of four-day Tests. Floodlit Tests and pink balls were also talked about. Now a Test with no fixed end. Administrations may change, but confusion always prevails. #Graeme Swann #Harbhajan Singh #India-England series #Rahul Dravid #Sreesanth #TheBigSeries