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Kalyan and Sudeshna

Kalyan and Sudeshna

Kalyan and Sudeshna Banerjee are on a mission to make Bengali cuisine more popular via their blog http://bengalicuisine.netand crack open the box of the long lost Bengali habits and customs. Kalyan is a Technical Consultant to Law Firms, IIT Roorkee Alum, weekend traveller, travel blogger and a Web 2.0 geek. Sudeshna has just completed her Masters in Biotechnology and is now pursuing a career as Business Analyst

Jul 25, 2011

A two-step with Hilsa – Bengal’s monsoon queen

The Bengali Bhadralok will do anything to get his share of this priced fish. Ilish connoisseurs come in two groups - the old school and the new experimental ones. #Bengali cuisine #ChopAddStir #Hilsa

Jun 29, 2011

Fish: Bengal’s favourite vegetable

Today's recipe is a quintessential Bengali favourite: Patla Macher Jhol or Bengali Style Fish in Plain gravy. Must try for all fish lovers. #Bengali cuisine #ChopAddStir #PatlaMacherJhol #Recipe

Jun 17, 2011

Fruity ideas to beat the heat

The good news about this season — plenty of fruits. And you can do so much with them; take these coolers for starters. #Aam panna #EatChopStir #Summer coolers #Watermelon juice

May 21, 2011

Kasha Mangsho: The quintessential Bengali Sunday lunch

Didi might promise change in West Bengal but the Bengali appetite for mutton curry on Sunday lunch won't change. Siesta suggested after the curry. #Bengali cuisine #Kasha Mangsho #Recipe

May 12, 2011

Make maach on a Mamata win – a guide to the Bengali kitchen

Sudeshna and Kalyan Banerjee highlight the absolute must-haves for a Bengal kitchen - from utensils to spices to the right kind of pestle to grind the spices. Now are you ready for some maach-bhaat? #Bengali cuisine #Indian cuisine #KitchenEssentials