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It took Kajal, a quarter-life crisis to awaken her true calling – cooking! When marriage took her to different parts of Africa and Hong Kong, she finally had the time at her hands to explore this talent. She also discovered photography at the same time. She combined the two passions by starting a highly successful, award winning cookery blog named Aapplemint. Now settled full time in Mumbai, Kajal splits her time between taking care of her baby boy, cooking up gourmet delicacies for her family and friends, writing food columns for the New Indian Express and putting to use her photography skills and moonlighting as a wedding movie maker.

Jul 4, 2011

My life on a plate: Imran Khan spills the beans

The very sexy and hugely talented star of Delhi Belly, Imran Khan knows that good taste lies in keeping it simple. His culinary definition of the good life: gulab jamuns, dal/chawal, and fried bombil. #Delhi Belly #food #Imran Khan #LifeOnAPlate

Jun 25, 2011

A taste of Bohri tradition: Patvelia

This spicy mutton dish is a staple at every Bohri dinner table, evoking memories of family celebrations marked by laughter and delicious food. #EndangeredEats #Patvelia #recipes

Jun 9, 2011

My life on a plate: Rahul Khanna spills the beans

The dashing Rahul Khanna shares with us his love for good coffee, English breakfast and martinis. #Espresso #Rahul Khanna #Tasteofcelebrity

May 23, 2011

Real masala chai, street style

The aroma wafting from a pot of boiling tea, the fragrance of cardamom, fresh ginger and the aromatic blend of the chai masala mix can turn you into a tea lover. #Masala chai #MasalaMix

May 21, 2011

My life on a plate: Deepika Padukone spills the beans

The ravishing young actress reveals all: including her passion for idlis, dim sum, mom's pasta, and the perfect lobster served in the wilds of Africa. #Deepika Padukone #food #South Indian cuisine #Tasteofcelebrity

May 6, 2011

Gola Sherbet and a prize giveaway

Gola Sherbet is by far the most fun Mumbai street food and my one of my favourites. Its nothing but shaved ice on a stick with a glass of sherbet to dip it in and suck on. A step-by-step picture guide certainly brings it to life. #Deepika Padukone #food #South Indian cuisine #Tasteofcelebrity