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JP Rangaswami

JP Rangaswami

JP Rangaswami is chief scientist at Salesforce. Originally an economist and financial journalist, he's been "an accidental technologist for over a quarter of a century." He says, "I've spent most of my adult life working in that strange space where finance meets technology, for a number of very large firms."

Aug 1, 2012

Why the UK didn’t have a S*mmer 2*12

We couldn't have a summer this year. It was banned. God wasn't a sponsor. And claiming prior Mount Olympus rights would not have worked either. #2012 London Olympics #Baron Coubertin #Coca-Cola #ConnectTheDots #McDonald's

Jan 20, 2012

The joy of writing about the things which don’t matter

What we term as mainstream media tended to focus on the negative, apparently because it “sells”. The author tells us why the web is more positive, an uplifting place. #David Meece #Facebook Inc #graphic artist #HowThisWorks #NotJobsButPassion #social networks #Twitter

Nov 25, 2011

Remember why you’re doing something, don’t get lost in what and how

To recover its ability to remember what organisations really need is the flow and the trust among the team. #artificial bidding systems #ChangeTheNow #knowledge management #NotJobsButPassion

Oct 18, 2011

Cloud is about change. Get on or die

The cloud is about change. Not about the steady state and all change involves risk. #cloud #Java #JustSaying #Linux #NotJobsButPassion

Oct 10, 2011

Lessons I learnt from Steve Jobs

I didn’t know Steve Jobs. So why am I writing this? Because I owe Steve a massive debt of gratitude, for teaching me, through the things he’s said and done, some very important lessons over the years. #Apple Inc. #NotJobsButPassion #Steve Jobs