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Janaki Lenin

Mar 23, 2016

Poachers aren’t the only threat: Protected area size puts tigers in danger, encroachment ups risk

According to a study published in Biological Conservation, tigers disappear from these forests at a faster rate than any other habitat. In recent years, two such forests, Sariska in 2004 and Panna in 2009, lost their host of tigers. #Biological conservation #ConnectTheDots #Extinction #Ken-Betwa project #Panna #Sariska #Tigers #Wildlife #Wildlife conservation

Sep 16, 2012

Indian navy jeopardising pristine Nicobar island?

A small Nicobar island has been carefully protected by three family clans for years. Now the Indian Navy wants the island for target practice and the clans are aghast. Will the island's ecosystem survive the missiles? #Indian Navy #Nicobar Island #ThatsJustWrong #Tillanchong

Jul 1, 2012

When Hindutva replaces rational thought in our green movements

By using particular icons and tapping specific belief systems, many environmentalists and conservationists reaffirm the worldviews of the dominant caste and religion. Can we preach respect for nature while practicing hegemony over other people? #Hindutva #International Society for Krishna Consciousness #Sunderlal Bahuguna #Tehri dam #TheLongView #Vrindavan

May 13, 2012

Climate Change: We need strong vision, more than negotiations

With its 20-year-old policy and its alliance with other developing economies lying in shambles, India needs a vision first, and then a negotiating strategy with which to face this brave new world. #climate change #ConnectTheDots #Jairam Ramesh #Kyoto Protocol

Apr 8, 2012

Posco verdict: Finally, environmental justice in India

Since June 2005, when the agreement between the Government of Orissa and POSCO, was signed, there have been behind-the-scenes manipulations, lax implementation of law, and suppression of information. #A Raja #ConnectTheDots #Jairam Ramesh #POSCO

Mar 18, 2012

Religion vs conservation: When will pilgrims stop polluting our forests?

No matter what category of protection these wild areas enjoy, they are at the mercy of invading mobs on religious red-letter days. #Bhimashankar Temple #HowThisWorks #Jayashree Ratnam #Sabarimala

Mar 4, 2012

Why relocating badly behaved wild elephants doesn’t work

Ultimately, elephants and humans both pay the price when development projects pay no heed to animal occupancy. #Elephants #Hassan District #HowThisWorks #Human-Elephant Conflict #Karnataka Forest Department

Feb 19, 2012

The Demwe project gives a damn about dolphins, or conservation

By approving this ecologically disastrous project, the State and the Centre have made a mockery of rule of law while drowning India’s avowed commitment to protect its wildlife with this misbegotten dam. #Arunachal Pradesh #Environment #Lohit River #ThatsJustWrong

Feb 5, 2012

Environmentalist-in-chief: Anna Hazare’s Ralegan formula

There is no escaping the fact that his achievements of delivering economic prosperity and moral well-being came at the price of maintaining a regressive gender, class, caste, and power status quo. Can that ever be a sustainable model? #Anna Hazare #Environment #HowThisWorks #Ralegan Siddhi