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Irshad Daftari

Irshad Daftari

Irshad has been a ‘counter-intuitive sporting couch-potato’ (and claims to have invented that term) for as long as he can remember, often staying up at odd hours to yell at the TV in frustration. This explains his support for teams such as Deccan Chargers, Juventus, Liverpool and, well, Afghanistan in the upcoming T20 World Cup.

Apr 29, 2012

Is Sangakkara too cerebral for the world of IPL?

Sangakkara is the most articulate cricketer there is in world cricket, now that Rahul Dravid has retired. Does that make him a good captain too? #Dale Steyn #Deccan Chargers #IPL 5 #IPL FanBlogs #Rahul Dravid

Apr 14, 2012

Deccan Chargers’ imbalance as a team is already showing

The fixture list looks daunting now. It seems unlikely that the team will ever get into any kind of decent rhythm if it has to play once in a week, and will continue to rely on Steyn as a force of nature. #Cricket #Dale Steyn #Deccan Chargers #IPL 5 #IPL FanBlogs #Sports

Apr 3, 2012

As a Deccan Chargers fan, I could do with less drama

Our fan blogger, a Mumbaikar with a special affinity towards Hyderabad, gives an account of why he's going to root for the Deccan Chargers this IPL season. #Cricket #Deccan Chargers #IPL 5 #IPL FanBlogs #Sports