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Indu Balachandran

Indu Balachandran

Indu Balachandran quit a long career in Advertising (Executive Creative Director, JWT Chennai) to chase another passion: Travel Writing, and now reviews eco-friendly hotels all over India. Her recent Book “Don’t Go Away, We’ll Be Right Back: The Oops & Downs of Advertising” was on the Crossword and Odyssey best-selling list.

Dec 24, 2012

Chennai’s kaapi act that’s hard to copy

You still have to come to Chennai for the real filter coffee. As every Madrasi great grandmother will tell you, it all starts with the right proportion of coffee and chicory seeds, roasted just so over a fire, then immediately powdered in a good old handgrinder bought in Mylapore’s bylanes. #Chennai #coffee #Dosa #filter coffee #Idli #JustSaying

Nov 26, 2012

South meets North: Chennai weddings turn over a new leaf

Fusion food, (or should that be confusion food) is drawing the crowds to rave reviews in halls everywhere. #bisi bele bhat #Chennai #Chennai weddings #CultureDecoder #food #gol gappa #Idli #puran polis

Oct 29, 2012

Mustafa Centre: How India dug its feet into Singapore

Mustafa Centre, a humongous shopping mall, is a slice of India right at the heart of Singapore. #Singapore #WanderingI

Oct 16, 2012

Now it’s time for Tamil-Shamil, starring Sri Deva…

One thing for sure: the script for 'Tamil-Shamil' will definitely depict the amazing way Dilli-wallahs come well prepared for a transfer to Chennai. So on Day 1 in Chennai, they are ready to interview prospective maids with this Tamil sentence: “English Teri Ma?” #Aiyyaa #English Vinglish #JustSaying #Prabhu Deva #Tamil

Oct 5, 2012

In Chennai, we have our gold and eat it too

After that unusual meal, I step outside to find that I’m only a gemstone’s throw away from Chennai’s bustling gold haven –Usman Road—where thousands flock everyday, fuelled by a gold obsession that’s hardwired in our DNA. #Ayurveda #Chennai #gold aapam #WeirdNews

Sep 20, 2012

Talking the walk in Chennai

Why Boat Club road in Chennai is a morning walker and gossip hound's paradise. #Boat Club #Chennai #JustSaying

Sep 7, 2012

Sridevi’s English-vinglish can thank Chennai

When baby Tamilians learn the Tamil alphabet from their ammas, they find that one particular letter pronounced ‘pa’, could well be ‘pa’ or ‘ba’ or even ‘fa’. #Chennai #English Vinglish #JustSaying #Sridevi