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George Albert

George Albert

George Albert is a Chicago-based trend watcher and edits

May 24, 2012

Goldman deal is a one-off, commercial realty is going down

Goldman deal is just a one-off case and the commercial space is still suffering from innumerable problems like a halt in financing projects, RBI disallowing restructuring of loans, new FSI norms and a slowdown in the global economy. #commercial realty #Goldman Sachs #HowThisWorks #office space #real estate sector

May 23, 2012

CWG flats: Right hand buys what left hand is selling

DDA's success is raising many eyebrows in the investment community as the flats were primarily sold by a government body to other government-run agencies #CWG #Delhi #HowThisWorks #real estate sector

May 23, 2012

Facebook is a success, no matter what naysayers think

The hidden gloating over the fall in Facebook shares after the IPO price is little more than sour grapes. #facebook #Facebook IPO #Initial public offering #Morgan Stanley

May 19, 2012

If Sensex breaches 15,000, we could see a meltdown

Unless the Sensex closes below 15,500, the markets will not have a meltdown. A close below that could take the index to the 13,250 level. #Chart View #Dollar-Rupee #nifty #Sensex

May 19, 2012

Why Facebook fell flat on its face after Nasdaq listing

The Facebook listing, which saw huge trading but not much price strength, shows that the jury is out on its business model #ChartView #Facebook IPO #Groupon #LinkedIn #Zynga

May 18, 2012

Land bill shocks India Inc, will govt accept panel’s proposals?

Under the revised bill, private players and public-private partnerships would have to buy land in the open market if their ventures involve any element of profit. It would be up to the companies to win the consent of the landowners. #Adi Godrej #Land Bill #manufacturing sector #National Real Estate Development Council #NewsTracker

May 14, 2012

Shocker: 9.1% negative growth for Mumbai’s residential mkt

. Even though Mumbai's prime property market remained stagnant in the September 2011-March 2012 period, it crashed by 9.1 percent in the last one year ending March 2012. #Knight Frank Prime Global Cities #Mumbai #Nairobi #RealEstate #Singapore

May 14, 2012

Coming soon: Affordable housing policy for all

The policy will raise the floor space index to compensate developers for high cost of land and also ease density norms. Even gov land would be auctioned on the basis of who could build the maximum number of low cost houses. #Affordable housing #External Commercial Borrowing #PolicyWatch #real estate sector

May 12, 2012

Nifty breakdown confirms bear market; coming next – 4,800

Index movements show that we are in a medium-term bear market, but the bears still have some hurdles to cross before they can have a field day. #Chart View #nifty #Sensex

May 10, 2012

Rupee will remain vulnerable as RBI’s options are limited

The rupee's fundamentals are not yet stable, and given the uncertain conditions in the eurozone, more volatility is to be expected #Balance of trade #Currency Volatility #CurrencyWatch #Exchange rate #Reserve Bank of India #rupee-dollar