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George Albert

George Albert

George Albert is a Chicago-based trend watcher and edits

Sep 22, 2012

Contrarian view: The charts still favour the Nifty bears

The fundamental view on the markets is that reforms will push up the indices. But the technical charts give us cause for pause. #ChartView #nifty #Reforms #TheContrarianView

Aug 11, 2012

Bans on short-selling serve no purpose; so hug your shorts

A US study reveals that banning short-selling does not arrest price declines, but may in fact worsen the fall. #ChartView #Short selling #US sovereign credit rating

Jul 28, 2012

Dollar fails to sustain breakout, increasing risk appetite

Keep an eye on the 81.12 level of the Dollar index. If the index falls below that we could see a rally in equities. #Chart View #Gold #US Dollar

Jul 21, 2012

The dollar’s strength could mean a thrashing for the Nifty

The dollar's strength has usually meant bad news for the Nifty. So Nifty bulls should hope for a dollar stagnation or fall #ChartView #nifty #US Dollar #UUP

Jul 14, 2012

Gold could fall all the way to $1,350 — but watch the euro

Gold is on the cusp of a selloff as the dollar strengthens, but all bets are off if the US eases monetary policy and there is fresh eurozone panic. #ChartView #Dollar-Rupee #equities #Gold

Jun 30, 2012

EU’s sugar rush peps stocks, but it’s a bit late to join the party

The EU decision to directly bail out weak banks in the eurozone gave the markets a reason to rally, but don't count on the rally continuing indefinitely. #ChartView #Crude prices #dollar index #EU bailout #nifty #Sensex

Jun 23, 2012

Why the rupee is marching to its own gloomy beat

The rupee is in a decline of its own making. But the stock markets seem to be holding up. What is the reason for this divergence? #ChartView #Reserve Bank of India #Rupee #rupee-dollar #United States dollar

Jun 16, 2012

Growth is not in RBI’s hands; but a short rally is possible

If the RBI cuts rates or eases CRR, we could see a continuation of the rally that began on 4 June. #Chart View #RBI monetary policy #Repo rate

Jun 2, 2012

Sensex at Death Cross; its future depends on easy money

The Sensex has reached the point where it could move decisively downwards. It can bounce, however, if there are signals of monetary easing everywhere. #ChartView #DOW #S&P 500 #Sensex #US Fed

May 26, 2012

Has rupee bottomed out? The charts tell a mixed story

The continued deficit financing of the Indian government by the Reserve Bank has steadily eroded the value of the rupee. #Chart View #RBI #rupee-dollar