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George Albert

George Albert

George Albert is a Chicago-based trend watcher and edits

Jan 5, 2013

Two to tango: Nifty ready to rally, Sensex says not yet

Unless the Sensex breaks out we'd be cautious about a market rally. In case the Sensex closes above the 19,800 level, one could go long #ChartView #market rally #nifty #Sensex

Dec 22, 2012

Autos bullish – but think Bajaj, not Hero; M&M, not Tata

The auto sector is in a bullish phase, and as it corrects, it's time to buy. But buy not the market leaders, but the other stars. #Ashok Leyland #Auto stocks #Bajaj Auto #Chart View #Hero MotoCorp #M&M #Maruti #nifty #Tata Motors

Dec 8, 2012

Gold is ready to take off again, and this time banks will drive it

New bank capital adequacy norms under Basel III may prompt central and commercial banks to buy more gold. Get ready for the ride #Basel III #Chart View #Gold #Gold prices #nifty

Nov 24, 2012

Case for Nifty bulls is not clear; index is weaker than US S&P

Indian indices are weaker than global ones for many reasons. The next may provide some better clues on the direction #Chart View #nifty #S&P

Nov 17, 2012

Bears, take a breather; but keep an eye on US market

The global markets will take their cues in the coming weeks on how the US tackles its fiscal cliff. Its not the time to be bullish or bearish #"Fiscal Cliff" #ChartView #nifty #S&P 500 #US Dollar-Rupee

Nov 10, 2012

Chart: Global markets vote down US poll results

A rally in the US markets can be a positive for the Indian markets. Aggressive S&P 500 traders can buy the S&P futures traded on NSE to take advantage of a potential bounce. #"Fiscal Cliff" #ChartView #global markets #India #nifty #Obama #Romney #US

Nov 3, 2012

If you are a bull, you should pray for a Romney win

An Obama win is sure to sock the stock markets since he is likely to end the Bush era tax cuts on capital gains and other taxes the markets love. #ChartView #nifty #Obama-Romney #S&P500 #US Dollar

Oct 20, 2012

Nifty hammering away at support; global cues weak

The Nifty lost its bullish power and is now back at support by not catching a significant bounce. On the contrary, the index is hammering away at support, which is weakening that level, making it more susceptible to a breakdown. #ChartView #nifty #Sensex

Oct 6, 2012

Nifty breaks out; rupee heads for 48-49.50 against $

The Nifty has broken its resistance zone and hence could be headed up; but the rupee is in clear bull territory #Chart View #nifty #US Dollar

Sep 29, 2012

Bulls retain grip on Nifty and rupee — thanks to reforms

Nifty's bulls are in control, but the bear case is still in play unless the Nifty closes above 5,740. #MarketWatch #nifty #rupee-dollar