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George Albert

George Albert

George Albert is a Chicago-based trend watcher and edits

Jun 23, 2012

Why the rupee is marching to its own gloomy beat

The rupee is in a decline of its own making. But the stock markets seem to be holding up. What is the reason for this divergence? #ChartView #Reserve Bank of India #Rupee #rupee-dollar #United States dollar

Jun 22, 2012

ECB’s options: a cheaper euro or a dead euro

The eurozone's interest rates, though low, are still high relative to the US and Japan. Without an easier policy, the euro is headed for disaster #ECB #Euro-Dollar Rates #Eurozone #Eurozone crisis #Stock market crashes

Jun 21, 2012

What files are Pranab-da’s office staff shredding?

As Pranab Mukherjee prepares to exit North Block, his office seems to be shredding tonnes of paper. Shouldn't someone enquire what's being shredded? #eGoMs #ExitMode #Omita Paul #Pranab Mukherjee

Jun 20, 2012

Manmohan pledges $10 bn as 5 MT of food rots back home

Manmohan wrote off eight times more money to save the world than his finance minister saved by snatching away 5 MT of food from the plates of hungry Indians. #Economy of India #G20 #Manmohan Singh #OnOurMind #Pranab Mukherjee

Jun 19, 2012

Why the euro will fail for sure

Greece isn't the issue at all. If the eurozone does not become one country the euro is a goner. #Eurozone crisis #Germany #Greece

Jun 18, 2012

RBI focus on liquidity to soften govt bond yields

RBI's infusion of liquidity through CRR cuts and bond purchases has made its monetary stance more accommodative and it did not have to cut rates to reinforce its stance of helping growth with price stability. #CRR #Inflation #intereat rates #PolicyWatch #RBI

Jun 16, 2012

Growth is not in RBI’s hands; but a short rally is possible

If the RBI cuts rates or eases CRR, we could see a continuation of the rally that began on 4 June. #Chart View #RBI monetary policy #Repo rate

Jun 12, 2012

Will India have to reconcile itself to lower growth?

RBI's hands tied with sticky inflation; and there's little policy action. This could be the end of the India story for a while

#PolicyWatch #rates #RBI

Jun 11, 2012

India has grown, now what?

The FM acting on reducing fiscal deficit, a Future group selling off businesses to reduce debt and an investor looking for healthy balance sheets and good corporate governance are all positive signs. #GDP #Inflation #ToWhatEffect