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George Albert

George Albert

George Albert is a Chicago-based trend watcher and edits

Aug 10, 2013

Will Rajan act on his beliefs or has FM house-trained him?

The next RBI Governor's views are quite different from that of the government. Will he be able to advocate them or has his stint in North Block tamed him #Economic policy #Raghuram Rajan #RBI Governor #Supply-side economics

Aug 2, 2013

Images: Akshay, Sonakshi on the sets of Comedy Nights

Akshay Kumar and the entire team of Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara were on ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’ to promote their upcoming gangster film. #Akshay Kumar #ImagesOfTheDay #Imran Khan #Once Upon A Time in Mumbai Dobaara #Sonakshi Sinha

Jul 13, 2013

Chart: Sensex nears resistance, Nifty has room to rally

After the initial panic that the Federal Reserve will wind down the monetary spigots, the central bank officials walked back on the statement saying that they were in no hurry. #Bonds #ChartView #nifty #Sensex #US Fed #US Treasury

Jul 6, 2013

As equities dance, bonds threaten to stop the music

It is important to keep a close eye on the bond markets while trading equities. Equities are the teenagers of the market, while bonds are the grandads. #Bonds #ChartView #equities #Financial markets #Housing #US Treasury bonds

Jun 29, 2013

Don’t count on Nifty bounce; index is in resistance zone

The momentum in the Nifty over the last two days gives bulls an edge, but traders should not be so confident about market direction #ChartView #nifty #Stock Markets

Jun 15, 2013

Demand zone in S&P 500 stops global bear and rescues Nifty for now

The S&P 500 needs to break out of it's resistance zone, for Nifty to go higher. However, a policy boost from the Reserve Bank of India could also push the Nifty higher. #bear #bull #ChartView #markets #nifty #S&P 500 #stocks

Jun 12, 2013

Why 55-60 to the dollar may be the new normal for rupee

A drop in the US dollar index does not seem to help the rupee; this shows that the Indian currency seems to be marching to its own gloomy beat. #ChartView #CurrencyWatch #Dollar-Rupee #ExchangeRates

May 18, 2013

Nifty can reach all time high if Jan 2011 high is cleared

It is very likely that the Indian markets will follow the US markets at least to make it to its past all time highs #bears #Bulls #ChartView #nifty #Sensex #Stock market

May 4, 2013

Why you should buy property in US rather than in India

Given the high cost and low yields on Indian property, it is time to look at property in the US - where the prospects of appreciation and rentals are higher #Chart View #India #nifty #property #Real estate #US Real Estate

Apr 20, 2013

Technicals: Gold catches bounce; decline is no big deal

Gold caught a bounce this week as it hit a support zone driven by sell recommendations by leading investment firms. I #ChartView #Gold #yellow metal