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George Albert

George Albert

George Albert is a Chicago-based trend watcher and edits www.capturetrends.com

Nov 30, 2013

Chart: Why this week will determine if Nifty will rally to its all-time high

Nifty has neared its penultimate resistance level of 6200 which must be broken for the index to test its all time highs. This week is crucial to determine if the index will rally to its all time high. #ChartView #MarketWatch #nifty #Sensex

Nov 23, 2013

Bulls still alive: Why current market fall is not a bearish confirmation

The strongest factor supporting the Indian markets is the fact that the US markets are still grinding their way up. This is most likely going to provide an impetus to the Indian bull #ChartView #nifty #Sensex #Stock market #Technicals

Nov 16, 2013

Be bullish on Indian markets but keep an eye for exit signs

From a purely amoral and economic point of view quantitative easing is not working. The problem lies elsewhere in fiscal, tax and regulatory policy. #Investing #Janet Yellen #nifty #Stock Markets #StockWatch #taxes

Nov 9, 2013

Not done yet: Here’s why the Nifty could bounce again

Given the that the market is in a bullish trend it could well end the current correction. #Bank of Japan #ChartView #Commodity channel index #European Central Bank #Federal Reserve #nifty

Nov 2, 2013

Sensex high: A correction to bullish market looks imminent

So while the bulls may me on the defensive right now, the playing field is still skewed in their favor. #ChartView #nifty #Sensex

Oct 26, 2013

Nifty is building a foundation before the next thrust

The fact that prices have not fallen shows that buyers still have strength and taking out the sellers. #bollinger band #CCI #MarketWatch #nifty

Oct 19, 2013

Technicals: Uptrend for Nifty still intact but hurdles remain

Once the Nifty clears the May 2013 high the next resistance in price is the all time high of around 6350. The clearing of these levels then increases the potential that the Nifty will make the 1000 point move. #Bollinger Bands #ChartView #markets #nifty #Technical analysis

Oct 12, 2013

Nifty may challenge all time high, 1000 point advance possible

The Nifty seems likely to challenge its all time high based on a bullish chart pattern it formed after last week's price action. #ChartView #Federal Reserve #nifty #US

Oct 5, 2013

Markets: This chart explains why it’s a good time to book partial profits

Now with the Nifty gaining relative strength to the Sensex their roles have reversed. We feel the Nifty is stronger now as it rallied last week before filling the gap support level. The Sensex on the other hand went all the way into the gap before rallying again. #ChartView #market rally #nifty #Sensex #US markets

Sep 28, 2013

Sensex, Nifty hammering support, will we have a break down?

The Indian indexes are hammering support, increasing the probability that prices may go lower. The more times a support level is hit greater the chances of a breakdown. #ChartView #investments #markets #nifty #S&P 500 #Sensex #Trading