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Dilip D'Souza

Dilip D'Souza

Dilip left Bombay for 17 years to study computer science and, once done with that, work. Since he got back, he's been trying to make up for lost time in many different ways. These days he writes for his daily zunka-bhakar. He lives in Bombay with his wife, their two children, and two cats.You can follow him on Twitter at @DeathEndsFun. He blogs at Death Ends Fun.

May 21, 2016

Sunil Khilnani’s ‘Incarnations: India in 50 Lives’ shines a light on history we take for granted

Sunil Khilnani's 'Incarnations: India in 50 Lives' is a testament to the writer's ability to find a telling thought about the person he's chronicling #Allen Lane #Book Review #Dilip D'Souza #FWeekend #Incarnations: India in 50 lives #Sunil Khilnani

Apr 4, 2016

Silence at the stadium, riots elsewhere: the price of shallow nationalism

Because we burden our cricket with this albatross of our nationalism, we have the incidents that flared up after last week’s loss to the West Indies. #Bharat Mata Ki Jai #Chris Gayle #Cricket #InMyOpinion #Marlon Samuels #Nationalism #Viv Richards #West Indies #World T20

Mar 5, 2016

Book Review: Mark Lee’s ‘Knocking at the Open Door’ is a heartfelt, absorbing memoir of his years with J Krishnamurti

This is a book that grapples with the ideals J Krishnamurti speaks of, but grapples no less sincerely with the realities of his and their shortcomings. #BookReview #California #FWeekend #J Krishnamurti #Mark Lee #memoir #Oak Grove #Ojai #Rishi Valley

Feb 27, 2016

The book that could have been thoughtful, but wasn’t: Salil Tripathi is forcing words into his experience

But too often, Salil Tripathi is forcing the words onto his experience, seeking significance in every sentence he writes to match some other writer’s thoughts. #Book Review #Detours #Dilip D' Souza #FWeekend #Salil Tripathi

Feb 19, 2016

Book review: ‘Crossing Over From Mental Illness to Mental Wellness’ is a brave memoir that will open minds

Throughout the book, Crossing Over From Mental Illness to Mental Wellness, it is Mehta’s “up” moments that underline just how frightening the “downs” are. #BookReview #Crossing Over From Mental Illness to Mental Wellness #FWeekend #Geetanjali Mehta #memoir #mental illness #Mother Teresa

Jun 15, 2012

Dear Vasant Dhoble, you remind me of Kondke; so what?

For every Dhoble who thinks not paying an entry fee in a restaurant is immoral, you'll have no difficulty finding others who give that kind of posturing no importance at all, who think it's absurd to even suggest it, thank you very much. #Dada Kondke #InMyOpinion #Maharashtra #Morality #Vasant Dhoble

Jun 2, 2012

IPL: A much-hyped T20 format that killed free markets

It's hard to mention "IPL" and "ballet" in the same breath, even if I've managed it in this sentence. #Brendon McCullum #Indian Premier League #InMyOpinion

May 18, 2012

No more Constellations: Plane-spotting in Twitter age

I can vouch for the absolute absence of romance in contemporary air travel. Yet there's a way — and you don't even need to buy a ticket and fly — to rekindle it. #air travel #Dakotas #Jari Mari #ThingsWeLike #Twitter

Apr 20, 2012

Off my high-horse: The 25 pc adjustment in education

The RTE will do what college does — prove that the definite misfit, the one who certainly has to make some serious mental adjustments, is not the poor kid but the city-bred, 'well-to-do' kid. #CultureDecoder #GD Somani #RTE

Apr 7, 2012

A better man by far: Accidental arrogance on our streets

Here's the Bombay accident manual, in full: It's always the other guy's fault. Never admit you made a mistake. Refuse any help. Be a man, dammit! #Chinatown #Dodge Colt #Mumbai #Swift #ToWhatEffect