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Deepauk Murugesan

Deepauk Murugesan

Deepauk Murugesan is an engineer, second generation entrepreneur and film crazy freelance writer from Chennai. He has been published in the New Indian Express and the Chennai edition of the Times of India. When not reading, writing or performing numerical analyses, he can be found discussing scenes from obscure South Indian films on the Internet.

Jun 27, 2011

Drinking, driving and death: the moral divide

Bollywood blockbuster Shaitan and the Tamil film Eesan begin in almost identical fashion. However the way the two films proceed from that point denotes a vastly different moral ethos. #Eesan #FilmCrit #Shaitan

Jun 18, 2011

Sex, violence and pulp: Aaranya Kaandam, a fresh Tamil voice

Set in the grimy gangland of North Madras, Aaranya Kaandam finally found its way to Indian theatres on 10 June 2011 – a full two years after its pulse-quickening poster first appeared. #Aaranya Kaandam #FilmCrit #Thiagarajan Kumararaja #Yuvan Shankar Raja