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Thursday, October 27, 2016 |Latest E-book
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Cuckoo Paul

Cuckoo Paul

Cuckoo Paul is Associate editor at Forbes India. She spends most of her time looking for interesting business stories. She is biased towards tales of dirty, old-style, brick-and-mortar companies in the oil & gas, power and heavy engineering business. Apart from refining margins, her other obsession is with things airborne. She learnt flying on a Piper Super Cub and follows commercial and general aviation keenly. She is also on the board of Childfund India, an NGO that supports about 70,000 children in the country.

Sep 9, 2014

Goyal may be down, but not out: With Etihad, he could pull a rabbit out of Jet’s hat

Goyal was forced to learn some tough lessons in the recent past. Now, the entrepreneur is returning to the kind of service that made his airline a favourite in India. His future, and that of Jet Airways, depends entirely on how well this tactic works.
#Aviation #Debt #Etihad Airways #Jet Airways #Naresh Goyal

Jul 24, 2014

From Jet Airways to Alitalia: Decoding Etihad’s global expansion plans

All the airlines in Etihad's portfolio are struggling carriers that will feed passengers into Etihad's long-haul routes. #air berlin #air seychelles #alitalia #CEO #cramer ball #Etihad #Jet Airways #Naresh Goyal #Oneworld #Star Alliance

Jul 10, 2014

Budget 2014: Rejuvenated PPP will give infrastructure a massive shot in the arm

f the government can hire world-class people to lead the institute, the PPP movement in India can surge ahead #Arun Jaitley #Budget 2014 #India #Infrastructure #Narendra Modi #NHAI #PPP

Feb 17, 2014

Budget 2014: Not just auto, energy sector gets a fillip too

The government plans to continue the direct benefit transfer to LPG consumers, through the AadhAar card. The process of cash-transfer is currently suspended. Chidambaram said 57 crore Aadhar cards have already been issued. #Aadhaar #Adani Power #Budget2014 #energy sector #Nuclear power #Ultra Mega Power Projects

Feb 4, 2014

Sky is the limit: Indian auto companies make the leap to aerospace

Two of the country's strongest auto-makers have ventured into the production of planes, aero structures and components. #Aadhaar #Adani Power #Budget2014 #energy sector #Nuclear power #Ultra Mega Power Projects

Feb 3, 2014

Slap on the face: FAA safety downgrade exposes decades of lethargy at DGCA

The DGCA's inadequacy is a result of decades of neglect. The regulator has near-absolute control over the industry but remains incompetent. #Aadhaar #Adani Power #Budget2014 #energy sector #Nuclear power #Ultra Mega Power Projects

Jan 8, 2014

Mumbai’s T2 a fantastic edifice but constrained on capacity

T2 is a fantastic new edifice that is certain to an icon for the city in the days to come. One of the eye-catching features of the building is a 69 feet high flagpole with a huge Indian flag fluttering on it. The spotlight tricolour is sure to bring a surge of pride to every Indian that sees it, particularly as you drive up to it at night. A pity, that we still can't build for the future.

#Aadhaar #Adani Power #Budget2014 #energy sector #Nuclear power #Ultra Mega Power Projects

Sep 20, 2013

Explainer: Why Singapore Air has more to gain from deal than Tatas

As far as Goh's plans for Singapore Airlines go, Delhi is one important step in a long journey #Aviation #Emirates #Full-service carriers #LCCs #Singapore Airlines #Tata Sons #TheLongView

Aug 19, 2013

WiIl Etihad’s multilateral strategy rescue Jet Airways?

Hogan's strategy for Jet Airways and India is unlikely to be very different from what he has done around the world. #Air Serbia #Aviation #CorporateStrategy #Etihad #FDI in Aviation #James Hogan #Jet Airways #Jet-Etihad Deal