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May 5, 2012

I heart Melbourne: Cricket, chocolates and Harley Davidsons

While everyone else is heading to Sydney, beat your own path to Australia's city of infinite charms. Be it a tour around the MCG, or an ocean drive on a Harley Davidson, there are pleasures aplenty to be relished. #Cricket #Great Barrier Reef #Melbourne #Sydney #Tourism in Melbourne #WanderLust

Apr 4, 2012

Summer holiday getaways: Ooty, Amsterdam, or Thailand?

Here are four perfect getaways for April. From an artsy weekend in Ooty to a stroll through the tulips in Amsterdam. Or how about the Thai version of Holi? #Bangkok #Coonoor #Ooty #Songkran #WanderLust

Mar 24, 2012

Whisky is risky: The wild, wild world of road signs

One of the great rewards of traveling remote stretches of India are quirky, funny and some downright baffling signboards of the Border Roads Organizations. Do watch those curves! #Ajay Jain #Road safety #Traffic sign #WanderLust

Mar 4, 2012

Spring is here. Pack your bags for March adventures

Spring is blooming around us. If you are looking for some ideas for how to spend a few glorious days in March you can choose between cherry blossoms and yoga by the Himalayas. And a desert safari for good measure. #Abu Dhabi #Cherry blossom #Neemrana Group #Prague #WanderingI

Feb 26, 2012

Jaya’s cradle babies: A second chance or licence to abandon?

In a country where the story of baby Falak is sad but not uncommon, could Tamil Nadu's cradle baby scheme at least give little girls a second chance? Or is it just encouraging parents to abandon babies they don't want? #Cradle Baby #Female infanticide #J Jayalalitha #Sex Ratio #TheLongView

Feb 3, 2012

Valentine’s Day travel planner: Four perfect excuses to make sweet love

February brings plenty of reasons for lovers to celebrate, including four perfect getaways. Canoodle on the beach, steam up that boat ride, surf the wave of love, or turn on the lovelights by the lake. #Goa #Kasaragod district #Konark #Orissa #Udaipur #WanderLust

Jan 16, 2012

Time travel in Shekhawati: A painted doorway to the past

As the crowds swarm to the Jaipur LitFest this weekend, consider a quick getaway to Shekhawati where plump mustachioed Englishmen jostle with princelings and gods in painted memories of yore.. #Jhunjhunu #Mandawa #Shekhawati #Tourism in Rajasthan

Jan 3, 2012

Four must-do January getaways: Dubai, Auli, Mahabalipuram and more

Time to start the new year on just the right note. Learn how to ski, rock a classical dance festival, or treat yourself to a pair of haute designer jeans. #Auli #Dubai shopping festival #Himalayas #Jumeira Beach Hotel #Mahabalipuram #Uttarakhand

Dec 1, 2011

The perfect winter getaway: Four destinations better than boring Goa

Tired of heading for the same old places over Christmas break? Charukesi Ramadurai offers the four best vacation options, whether you want to shop, laze or soak in some real culture. #Bundelkhand #Orchha #Pondicherry #Tourism in Madhya Pradesh #WanderLust

Nov 22, 2011

Finding the still heart in Madurai’s madness

This is the best time of the year to go to Madurai. But if the temple city sends you into a sensory overdrive, don't worry. You can steal your own moment of peace inside the bustle, says Charukesi Ramadurai. #Madurai #Meenakshi temple #Tourism in India #WanderLust