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Sunainaa Chadha

Dec 18, 2014

Delhi-Kolkata for Rs 32k: SpiceJet is broke but flyers pay the ‘heavy price’

Passengers were stranded at all airports across the country on Wednesday as cash-strapped SpiceJet's entire fleet remained grounded till 3:30 pm. Oil companies refused to provide fuel to Spicejet despite the Centre's directive, resulting in only 75 of the airline's 240 scheduled flights to take off. Result: Angry passengers, violence at airports and skyrocketing prices on key routes.
#Airline #Aviation Ministry #Fares #passengers #SpiceJet

Dec 16, 2014

SpiceJet beyond the point of return: Is the Maran-owned airline in a death spiral?

It all boils down to jugaad or getting things done for cheap. If you're wondering what really led to the SpiceJet downfall, its owner -media baron Kalanithi Maran- is partially to blame #Aviation #DGCA #India #Kalanithi Maran #Sanjiv Kapoor #SpiceJet

Dec 14, 2014

No acchey din: 10 Reasons why 2014 was Annus Horribilis for India’s babus

Narendra Modi's acchey din might not be feeling so good to India's babudom. Long used to setting their own schedules and lording it over the public now they have a boss who is only to happy to crack the whip on them. 2014 saw some big changes in the babu's work culture. #2014 Year End #Lists Etc #Lutyens Delhi #Narendra Modi #PMO

Dec 10, 2014

Reliance Capital’s Yatra exit: Early-stage investors are cashing out on e-commerce boom

Cashing in on the e-commerce boom, Anil Ambani''s Reliance Capital is all set to make a 12-fold gain by selling its 16 percent stake in travel portal for an estimated Rs 500 crore. #2014 Year End #Lists Etc #Lutyens Delhi #Narendra Modi #PMO

Dec 9, 2014

Uber, Meru, Ola and others: All taxi services refuse liability for driver behaviour

In other words, we're not responsible for anything that happens to you- be it rape, murder or robbery. #EasyCabs #Meru Cab #Murder #Ola #Rape #robbery #taxi service #Uber

Dec 8, 2014

End game for Uber? Delhi rape poses serious perils for the cab service

The alleged rape of a 27-year old financial executive by her Uber driver has not only tarnished the company's brand image as a safe and reliable mode of transportation but also raised the fear that lax security measures have rendered all cab services unsafe in India.
#cab services #Delhi rape #Meru Cabs #Swift Dzire #Uber #women's safety

Dec 4, 2014

Jhunjhunwala’s minor punt on SpiceJet is not a signal that airline is on the mend

Jhunjhunwala's entry has pushed up the SpiceJet share even though recent news developments about the airline have been negative - about a battered balance-sheet and a PR problem following the cancellation of many flights.
#Aviation #Crude #Rakesh Jhunjhunwala #SpiceJet #Sun Group

Dec 3, 2014

Partying like it’s 1999: The e-commerce boom has all the makings of a Y2K bubble

Is Indian e-tail really growing that fast that a firm which was valued at $1billion in November 2013 is now being valued at $10 billion a year later? #Alibaba #bubble #E-Commerce #e-tail #Flipkart #Snapdeal

Nov 20, 2014

Nikki Haley gives Modi wishlist of what businesses want

Describing India as a "potential market" and "potential partner", the South Carolina governor said she was looking at business opportunities with India in the field of pharmaceuticals, automotive, information technology, education and other sectors too. #Business #Investing #Maharashtra #Narendra Modi #Nikki Haley #South Carolina