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Sunainaa Chadha

Apr 30, 2015

Smart city plan likely to focus on Tier 1 cities: 10 things to know about PM Modi’s pet project

The move is expected to recast the urban landscape of the country to make them more livable and inclusive #AMRUT #Gift #India #Narendra Modi #smart cities

Apr 23, 2015

Scrapping of Mumbai DP 2034 will hit new housing supply, buyers must hold tight

The Maharashtra government's move to scrap the draft development plan 2034 for Mumbai is likely to hit supply of new housing projects and help in clearing existing unsold houses in the city to some extent. Moreover, deals for land parcels, redevelopment projects and private equity transactions for financing housing projects in Mumbai will get stuck due to lack of clarity on the city's proposed development plan. #Devendra Fadnavis #Housing #Mumbai Depelopment Plan #Mumbai Real Estate #Nardeco #Urbn housing