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The Business Blog is a daily business blog anchored by Firstpost senior editors. It will offer quick comments and insights into major business news developments from the pink press.

Apr 7, 2012

Germany is letting the rest of Europe go down the tubes

The one country which can ease the eurozone crisis - Germany - is not doing enough by importing more from the rest of Europe. #Currency Union #Euro #Eurozone crisis #PIIGS

Apr 6, 2012

Going up, up, up: Food prices, airfares, mobile tariffs

Whoever said inflation was softening ought to have his eyes examined. Newspaper headlines are confirming this every day. #air fares #FMCG #Mobile Tariffs #Petrol Prices #Price Watch #Ration Prices

Apr 2, 2012

Did Pranab-da pull a fast one on Voda and P-notes?

How could the Vodafone law change has just been a clarification when it was there on the statue book in 1922, asks one expert. #Budget2012 #Gaar #P-Notes #Pranab Mukherjee #Vodafone

Mar 30, 2012

Pranab’s real message to taxpayers: we don’t trust you

The measures to track tax avoidance introduced by the recent budget essentially means the government is going to get nastier with taxpayers. #Budget 2012 #Gaar #Pranab Mukherjee

Mar 24, 2012

Will retail inflation hit double digits again in 2012?

Costs in the economy are rising across the board, and this suggests that inflation could raise its head again this year. #Business/Finance #CPI #food prices #Inflation #ThisisNext #WPI

Feb 23, 2012

It doesn’t add up: Higher tax, higher oil prices – and higher growth?

The PM's Economic Advisory Council has projected 7.5-8 percent GDP growth next year despite calling for higher taxes and lower subsidies. How does this square up? #Budget2012 #BudgetAnalysis #CrystalBall #fiscal deficit #Growth #Inflation #PMEAC #Taxation

Jan 31, 2012

CIL’s record: a chairman who wasn’t chairman for a year

Coal India is India's second most valued public sector company. Pity the government did not think it needed a regular chairman for nearly a year. #coal india #NC Jha #TopDog

Jan 23, 2012

UTI: Does top job have to go only to a finmin favourite?

Even after a year, the finance ministry has not appointed a full-time CEO for UTI Mutual Fund. This is not on #Jitesh Khosla #Omita Paul #Pranab Mukherjee #TopDog #UTI Mutual Fund

Jan 20, 2012

Vodafone verdict: SC puts FDI welcome mat back in place

The Supreme Court order in the Vodafone case is a big gain for foreign investors at a time when confidence in India was sagging. #Bombay High Court #ConnectTheDots #Supreme Court verdict #Vodafone Tax Case

Jan 17, 2012

A dollar at Rs 32? Big Mac says so, but don’t count on it

The Economist's Big Mac Index suggests that the Indian rupee is punching far below its weight. But the Big Mac is not the real thing. #Big Mac Index #Burgernomics #Exchange rates #Indian rupee #Purchasing power parity #The Economist