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The Business Blog is a daily business blog anchored by Firstpost senior editors. It will offer quick comments and insights into major business news developments from the pink press.

Sep 17, 2012

Why Aditya Puri thinks we are in ‘cloud-cuckoo land’

Don't count on the reforms of Big Bang Friday to deliver big results, says HDFC Bank chief Aditya Puri in this interview to ET #Aditya Puri #Big Bang Friday #FDI in retail #HDFC Bank #Must-Read

Sep 14, 2012

9 reasons why inflation is worse than you think

The short-term prognosis for inflation has just gotten worse. #CPI #HowThisWorks #Inflation #RBI Rate Cuts #WPI

Sep 10, 2012

Is Chidambaram our next Muhammad bin Tughlaq?

Muhammad bin Tughlaq went down in history as the Sultan who debased his own currency. Will Finance Minister P Chidambaram be following in his footsteps? #EasyMoney #MUhammad bin Tughlaq #P. Chidambaram

Sep 8, 2012

Four stock pros tell us why the best times still lie ahead

It's much tougher to make money from stocks in these over-researched times, but the future can only be better, say four investing pros #Akash Prakash #Good Reads #Motilal Oswal #Raamdeo Agrawal #Smart Money

Sep 7, 2012

The UPA guide to losing more money than you earn

The UPA has become adept at chasing its own tail and defeating its own objectives - especially when it comes to finance #Disinvestment #finance ministry #PolicyWatch #UPA

Sep 6, 2012

Satyam scandal: It’s Raju’s turn to call the kettle black

The Rajus of Satyam are seeking acknowledgement of the money they put in to save the company before it went down in the flames of fraud #Mahindra Satyam #Ramalinga Raju #SatyamScandal #Tech Mahindra

Sep 5, 2012

Gone: India Inc’s export confidence is shot to pieces

The continuous deceleration in exports shows that India Inc's competitive instincts have been dulled by the domestic loss of confidence #exports #India Inc #Slowdown

Sep 5, 2012

Meanwhile, Sahara has moved on to its next fund-raiser

Even as two of its schemes are being wound down, the Sahara Group has found a new way to operate in areas where the regulatory regime is weak #RBI #SaharaCapers #SEBI #Subrata Roy

Sep 3, 2012

Shome’s tax nirvana: Make India a Mauritius-like haven

The Shome panel wants to dump all capital gains taxes. This means India's tax regime will be like that of Mauritius, a tax haven #FDI #FIIs #Gaar #Shome Panel

Sep 1, 2012

No miracles in Chidu’s first month as FM: Budget in a mess

A month after Chidambaram took over as FM, the government's finance continue to slide. #fiscal deficit #FiscalCrisis #Oil subsidies