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The Business Blog is a daily business blog anchored by Firstpost senior editors. It will offer quick comments and insights into major business news developments from the pink press.

Jul 20, 2012

Pranab-da has left more ticking bombs for Manmohan

The former FM has cleaned out the coffers before he left for Rashtrapati Bhavan. Manmohan will have to scrounge for the money. #Budget Holes #EmptyCoffers #GST #Manmohan Singh #Oil subsidies #Pranab Mukherjee

Jul 17, 2012

How to collect telecom’s golden eggs without killing the goose

The only way out of a bigger telecom mess is to make the auctions based on revenue share rather than one-time spectrum prices. #SpectrumAuction #TRAI

Jul 13, 2012

Subbarao opens two more fronts in battle with finmin

The RBI Governor has raised corporate governance issues over how the government is meddling in public sector banks and the superfast growth in farm credit #D. Subbarao #finance ministry #RBI #RegulatorWatch

Jul 13, 2012

Will govt miss the bus again on diesel price hike?

If the diesel price hike does not happen in the next one week, it would become a joke #oil prices #PM Manmohan Singh #Reforms

Jul 7, 2012

MCX, Ajay Shah and the response to sharp criticism

MCX is targeting a free-market economist for his veiled criticism of the exchange. It's not on. #Ajay Shah #Defamation #MCX

Jul 3, 2012

Kingfisher endgame: Mallya’s hold is now almost zero

Vijay Mallya can no longer be considered the owner as Kingfisher, which is now almost completely pledged to lenders #Endgame #ICICI Bank #Kingfisher #Vijay Mallya

Jun 30, 2012

PM-Pranab-Sonia hiatus was key cause of policy paralysis

It is now abundantly clear that Manmohan Singh wanted to rule the finance ministry but always stood thwarted by Sonia. This is the cause of UPA's policy paralysis. #Kaushik Basu #Manmohan Singh #P. Chidambaram #PolicyWatch #Pranab Mukherjee #Sonia Gandhi

Jun 29, 2012

CAD’s bad, real bad: and external debt is looking worse

The rear-view numbers for current account deficits are scary. But the year ahead looks better due to falling oil prices #CAD #ExternalDebt #Numbers #rupee-dollar

Jun 28, 2012

No cheques: Govt, RBI want to checkmate paper money

The finance ministry and the RBI are taking us away from paper cash to electronic money. #Banknote #Cash-less Society #Cheques #MoneyTalk

Jun 25, 2012

How not to rescue the rupee: The UPA misses a chance

The joint Govt-RBI announcement to rescue the rupee and reverse negativity has been botched with the RBI alone coming out with steps. #Economic slowdown #External Commercial Borrowing #FII Investment #Gilts #rupee-dollar #TheExplainer