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The Business Blog is a daily business blog anchored by Firstpost senior editors. It will offer quick comments and insights into major business news developments from the pink press.

Mar 2, 2013

Budget 2013 math is going out of the window already

The subsidy bill is beginning to look very suspicious. The fertiliser minister has already said this year's subsidies are out of alignment with requirements #Budget 2013 #Fertiliser Subsidies #food subsidies #Petro Subsidies

Mar 1, 2013

Growth budget? The momentum is still southwards

The growth downtrend has not been reversed in Q3. Will Q4 be any better? #Budget 2013 #GDP growth #Q3 GDP

Feb 23, 2013

Memo to FM: You can’t feed the poor and the corrupt

It is not difficult to remove poverty if you want to. There's enough money wasted in mindless subsidies to feed the poor. But you can't feed the poor and a corrupt system #Anti-Poverty Schemes #Good Read #NDA #Poverty Schemes #Subsidies #UPA

Jan 31, 2013

Why you should be betting against the rupee now

The rupee has been defying gravity despite weak and worsening fundamentals, including the CAD crisis. #rupee-dollar #Smart Money

Jan 29, 2013

RBI hint: 7 percent may be the new normal for inflation

Despite the moderation in headline inflation, is the RBI Governor preparing us for a higher level of average inflation? #CRR cut #Inflation #Monetary policy #RBI #Repo Cut

Jan 23, 2013

5 ways to reduce the Indian appetite for gold

If reducing gold imports is an important short- or medium-term goal, here is the right way to go about it in gold-craxy India #ETF #fixed deposits #Gold #P. Chidambaram #RBI #The Gold Bug

Jan 12, 2013

This time it’s PF: How long will the courts humour Sahara?

The Sahara Group has got into one more scrape - this time with the PF authorities. It has again moved court. #PF Case #Sahara Capers #Sebi Order

Jan 10, 2013

Don’t tax the tax-paying rich even more; find more bakras

Taxing the rich or super rich who are already paying taxes is not the best way to raise more resources. It's better find more rich people who currently don't pay tax #Black money #Budget 2013 #P. Chidambaram #Taxing the Rich #US Budget

Jan 3, 2013

Why Urjit Patel is unlikely to be Chidu’s voice in RBI

The new RBI Deputy Governor Urjit Patel is unlikely to be telling Subbarao what the finance minister wants him to do. #Monetary policy #P. Chidambaram #RBI Deputy Governor #ToWhatEffect #Urjit Patel

Jan 2, 2013

Gold: Higher duties will result in more illegal imports

Illegal shipments of gold into the country have started started rising in the last few months after the budget imposed higher import duties on the metal #C Rangarajan #Going For Gold #RBI Governors #World Gold Council #YV Reddy