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Apr 18, 2013

LPG cash subsidy: How oil cos will pay for UPA re-election

The PMO is planning to pay the LPG cash subsidy for only one cylinder upfront: this means the oil companies will bear a part of the UPA's re-election costs #Cash transfers #Cash-for-votes #Direct Benefits Transfer #LPG #LPG Subsidies

Apr 17, 2013

Falling oil and gold doesn’t mean we are out of the woods

The Indian economy can breathe a bit easy with oil and gold falling, but we are not out of the woods yet. Far from it. #CAD #CrystalBall #Gold prices #rupee-dollar

Apr 15, 2013

This may be a time to SIP gold, not sell mindlessly

The recent crash in gold prices is part of the gold bull and bear cycle. It is not a reason to abandon the metal as a false god #Gold Bug #Gold prices #Smart Money

Apr 2, 2013

That sinking feeling: No sign of green shoots of revival

UPA arrived on the scene with growth at twice the rate of inflation. In its last year, we are seeing the opposite - growth at half the rate of inflation #Crystal Ball #GDP growth #HIndu Rate of Growth #Slowdown

Mar 6, 2013

Guess which state improved most in malnutrition? Gujarat

The criticism of Gujarat's failure on child malnourishment is beginning to look less valid #CAG report #Child Malnourishment #ICDS #ToTheContrary

Mar 5, 2013

Not just rich people; richer companies too pay less tax

The tax axe bites less harshly on the richer companies. Here's why. #Budget 2013 #Effective Tax Rates #Tax axe #WhatNext

Mar 2, 2013

Budget 2013 math is going out of the window already

The subsidy bill is beginning to look very suspicious. The fertiliser minister has already said this year's subsidies are out of alignment with requirements #Budget 2013 #Fertiliser Subsidies #food subsidies #Petro Subsidies

Mar 1, 2013

Growth budget? The momentum is still southwards

The growth downtrend has not been reversed in Q3. Will Q4 be any better? #Budget2013 #GDP growth #Q3 GDP

Feb 27, 2013

Budget 2013: Worry about those not paying tax, not rich taxpayers

The Planning Commission chief sees scope for getting the non-taxpaying rich into the tax net. He says the rich already pay higher rates #Budget 2013 #Taxing the Rich

Feb 23, 2013

Memo to FM: You can’t feed the poor and the corrupt

It is not difficult to remove poverty if you want to. There's enough money wasted in mindless subsidies to feed the poor. But you can't feed the poor and a corrupt system #Anti-Poverty Schemes #Good Read #NDA #Poverty Schemes #Subsidies #UPA